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Tech Temporal Chest storage system.


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New block Temporal Chest crafted with a temporal Gear .

Function when connected to other chests will provide auto sorting to them from its inteface and access to there contents from same .

Could be allowed to work with hoppers as well.

Not only would it then be possible for players to more reasonably manage large inventories but it could introduce new interesting ways in whitch players might automate certain production type activities.

automated cooking for one.


I think that a storage system is desperatly needed. To that end I would like to see the player be able to build a special block that when connected to a wall of chests could auto sort any items that the player drops into it to there respective chests on the wall.

This goes hand in hand with implimenting Item Frames for chests.

If the two concepts could be brought forward together the player could open the temporal block that is next to a chest that is connected or beside it would be concidered connected storage.

You could impliment a maximum amount of chests that could be controled if you wanted and I would sugest that it be a standard chest size but instead of you accually placing items in it, It would show an item frame for the inventory of a connected chest. that way not only could the player use it as a sorting system and quickly dump and sort but also quickly access and draw items from the system as well.

You could build in a set of several basic features that were customizable on the fly from within the the temporal chest that could set basic functions such as auto sort or only sort or store specific types of blocks so you could daisy chain sets of chests as well.

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