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Ironing out the Iron age (v1.4.6.1)


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Thanks to the thorough testing by you all we managed to squash a lot of bugs \o/
If no major issues appear then I will declare this version as stable in a day or 2. Enjoy!

Note: For those of you that had the pre-release - the pigs are gone again for the next feature release, it might log some errors when opening a previous world but should run fine otherwise.

Game updates

  • Tweak: Savegames now remember the ambient settings that have been tweaked through the world edit gui
  • Tweak: Whole tree chopping no longer drops sticks
  • Tweak: Halved spawn rate of all creatures
  • Tweak: Replaced torch sound for @InsommniaKitten ;-)
  • Tweak: Removed unnecessary 'X' Icons from the Singleplayer world list and MP serverlist
  • Tweak: Increased torch light duration from 2 to 3 days.
  • Tweak: Increased reed regrowth time from 5 to 7 days.
  • Tweak: Improved readbility of slider tooltips
  • Tweak: Added warning texts when selecting large world heights
  • Fixed: Outdated texts on the playstyle buttons
  • Fixed: Select block outline jumping for 1 frame when placing blocks
  • Fixed: Exception thrown when typing '/gamemode 2' in the server console
  • Fixed: Some unreported exceptions thrown when loading worldedit workspaces. Might be a cause for other issues
  • Fixed: Don't crash the server if mono decides to fail us on Console.ReadLine()
  • Fixed: Falling tool molds leaving behind ghost blockentities and crashing the server on chunk reload
  • Fixed: Input text fields not unfocusing correctly (i.e. on the login screen)
  • Fixed: Login error messages not in a human readable form
  • Fixed: Missing names for bamboo stakes, knapping surface and several others
  • Fixed: Player able to clip into blocks while sneaking along edges
  • Fixed: Rendering issues when setting dynamic lights to 0
  • Fixed: Bloomery base dropping itself instead of bricks
  • Fixed: Entity rendering issues on certain graphics cards
  • Fixed: Rare occasion where eating food replenishes several times it's amount of saturation
  • Fixed: Game crashing randomly on ingot piles
  • Fixed: Eating mushroom animation all wonky
  • Fixed: Rare crash when using the ingame video recorder
  • Fixed: Missing blocktypes not rendering at all. Now shows as "Unkown block id XXX".
  • Fixed: Game crashing on missing files that are non-critical 
  • Fixed: Log blocks listed twice in the creative inventory
  • Fixed: Godray rays going all curvy. Now there is a high quality setting that prevents that.
  • Fixed: Sun/Moon moving in the sky when looking around (i.e. following the player)
  • Fixed: Game pause screen not pausing clouds and ingame world time
  • Linux fixes
    • Fixed: Missing game icon under linux
    • Fixed: Client not starting under linux
    • Fixed: "/bin bash" typo in server.sh
    • Fixed: Broken install.sh script (by @cynthia)

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