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Irrigation Mechanics

Omega Haxors

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It's pretty lame and a lot of missed opportunity that you can just bucket water into a farm plot without much thought. Would be pretty neat if water was a limited resource but would restore over time when it rained. Water becomes a fluid similar to things such as honey, with unit values. Instead of pouring a full source block, you would pour the amount of fluid within the bucket into a set of voxels. You would have to use gravity or mechanical power to automate water to where it needs to be.

If fluid is dropped on farmland, it hydrates it similar to the watering can. If it's pumped into the ground (similar to how farmland works now) it will seep into the farmland and hydrate it, causing the water level to go down. If farmland gets too hydrated, it will potentially drown the crops, so don't overwater if you can help it. This also prevents you from making the AFK farms you used to, putting emphasis on actually watering your crops via the watering can.

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Yes, the water is a mysterious.
You can take with a bucket (10 l) from any waterblock (still or flowing) without becoming less, and (caution) fill a hole from 1m³ with faboulous 875 l water* instant.
10 = 875 ... thats real magic! 😁
But if you fill water in a barrel (max 50l)... the liters must be exakt mixing with other components. 🤔

* A 1m³ hole (1000 liter) is filled with 7/8 water = 875 liter.

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