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Fantasy Vintage Story


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I know that the current Vintage story crowd is pretty loud and proud about the realistic state of the game and I know that there are a lot of very avid supporters to continue to push this to even greater heights. But I wonder if there aren't a few out there like me that wouldn't mind really developing the temporal and drifter lore to add in a bit of alien-like mystical magical like mad science:)

I really think there is a wonderful opportunity to get a little wild and crazy and create some wonderful funky tech-based off the lore and temporal aspects of the game. If you could also make the discovery through exploration of ancient ruins to discover blueprints teaching the player how to construct some of these weird devices and how to power them it could be a truly fantastic addition.

Some Ideas would be how to create a pole or antenna that draws in negative temporal energy and maybe another device that when hooked up to it could then store that energy like a battery to be used to power even more devices?

Maybe we could have an incentive for correcting temporal anomalies and get really wild and crazy with how the land might change as a result of correcting an area or bringing it into balance.

I mean, after all, Minecraft has Redstone. I think there is an incredible opportunity to develop something in vintage story that also allows us to bring a wonderful whimsical almost magical element to the game without simply throwing out the realism to date.

Why not consider allowing something in like this? I mean what the hell is a temporal Gear? what are drifters who are We? all of these things are already in the game and we accept them Can this not be built on as well?

I think that instead of detracting from the realism these things could be used to plausibly inject some believable alternatives that could help to flesh out the world and its tech tree and create somthing believable and enjoyable and truly unique!

Just wondering if others feel like expanding in this direction would go against the grain or not.

Feedback welcome please share your opinions!

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