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Add a new function to the chissel please


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I really think the current system of having to checker board mine stone and undermine it to harvest whole blocks only to then have to polish it then slab it then mix it with quicklime to create bricks is rather annoyingly long and to tedious. I wish we could simply use a chisel to create polished stone that then when mined would remain a polished stone block to do with what we want then chisel it down to slabs and bricks or leave it as is.

The idea here is to remove something of a time sink that really dost need to be there and allow the player to really start to use more decorative blocks when building that really quite frankly dont get used just because its far easier to create cobblestone.

Another idea that I think would be acceptable would be to add a recipe so that players could create the bricks not from slabs but with the stone bits themselves but I really think that allowing the player to simply use the chisel to create a polished stone in the world would be better. Just to be clear what Im asking for is a way to let us use the chisel on a rock face to create a polished stone in the quarry location we can then mine it like normal to get into our inventory as an alternative to doing the crazy checkerboard mining shuffle.

This would just decrease the time to get this resource and make it more friendly to use more of it in construction.

I already know that there are those that are going to jump all up in arms about this but maybe we could simply add this as a mod or a option for those that would like this?

Thank you for your consideration and feed back.

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