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The Seasons Update (v1.13-rc.3)


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Dear Seasonal Community
v1.13-rc.3 can now be downloaded through the account manager

Getting closer to stable...
Also, couldn't resist to improve temporal storms some more :<


Game updates

  • Tweak: Updated language files. Added swedish and ukrainian translations \o/
  • Tweak: Add gray overlay to the main menu screen so the white quote and version text is still readable against white background
  • Tweak: More performance optimizations
    • Server side optimization when visiting old chunks (Technical info: Lowered resolution for fast-forward simulation of creature weights)
    • Entity Search running performance leak (Technical info: Iterated over entity partitions way more often than needed due to a design flaw)
    • Improved game world saving speed (Technical info: Saving chunks and mapchunks now uses a prepared sqlite statement)
  • Tweak: More temporal storms reworking. During storms:
    • Fixed Drifters fleeing on the surface
    • Fixed all sounds only high pitched and not also low pitched at random
    • Increased chance of igniting creatures when hit by a torch (chance depends on storm strength)
    • Increased glitchiness effect on drifters
    • Rewrote drifter spawning because it didn't work properly. This made storms probably notably more challenging
  • Tweak: Visual fine tuning
    • Reduced dynamic shadow attenuation from fog (in other words, shadows more visible now in foggy areas)
    • Shadow artifacts on back sides of blocks should be gone now
    • Should fix some strange rendering issues on some graphics cards (purple grass is still not fixed)
    • Should fix some worldconfigs not properly applying in multiplayer worlds
    • Fixed Particles not properly shaded by fog
    • Fixed Upside down stairs texture alignment issues against other blocks
    • Disabled waving motion on saplings again, looked horribe in flower pots and planters
  • Tweak: Made hens a bit more talkative
  • Tweak: Drifters now play an aggro sound
  • Tweak: Decreased min light level requirement from 8 to 7 for foxes and wolves to reduce the chance of them spawning inside chicken pens
  • Fixed: Various mechanical power fixes by radfast
  • Fixed: Various fixes for the fence gate by radfast
  • Fixed: Maybe finally fixes trader name tags always visible?
  • Fixed: Snow covered tallgrass did not have the same hitbox as snow layers, causing up/down jitter when walking over it
  • Fixed: Should mitigate an issue where animals endlessly walk towards a food source while not moving
  • Fixed: Animal breeding not working at all
  • API Tweak: Added imageSurface.Bitmap() method that accepts a BitmapRef
  • API Tweak: ClientSettings class is no longer obfuscated

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