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Thinking about player model dimensions and proportions


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There is another Minecraft definition that seems to be inconsistent in my eyes and is a chance for VintageStory being better. This is the 1m dimension of a block.

Let me explain this:  You judge dimensions by comparison of objects where the dimension is known. The best way to do so is in a familiar environment, e.g. when building a house.

So, lets judge the dimensions of a block from a house with furniture, e.g. chests and workbenches. Based on this, a workbench has the height of a regular table, the chest is a little below.

But this means that the "real" block dimension is about 70 cm. This fits pretty well to the height and width of a kitchen element, the width of a door,  the wall thickness in a castle, etc. A wall thickness of 35 cm which is more common for a normal house, would be half of such a block. A step height (third of a block) would be about 23 cm. I think these proportions are consistent. Same for the height of wolfs, pigs, sheep.

So what about the (new) player model? Compared the the door width of 70 cm the width of the model is OK. But the height (less than 2 blocks = less than 140 cm) is either a dwarf or a child but no way the height of a typical adult human. Therefore the proportions of the new VintageStory player model  would be better if the typical height of the player model is about 2,5 blocks (175 cm) and the height of the door is about 3 blocks (210 cm).

The only issue is the fit of the block distances to the metric system (in relation to a 70 cm block). A solution could be to define 3 blocks as 2 m (1,5 Blocks = 1 m). This means a 3 x 1 block door would be 2m high and about 66 cm wide. What do you think?


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Of course, being a dwarf or a hobbit (or a child) is the best for tunneling, ... character class difference would  be great.

Larger characters need to dig larger tunnels or are forced to sneak with lower speed in  a 2 block tunnel. I think this is exactly what one would do in reality.


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