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Settlement management


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It would be very interesting, when npcs appear, to add the ability to automate all processes by assigning residents or workers to certain actions.
Such a unit could be programmed to fit your needs.

For example, personally assign routes to couriers so that they transfer things from specified containers to others.

Hire guards, and assign them patrol areas (you can also equip them with equipment yourself).

Ask artisans a sequence of items that need to be crafted within a certain time using materials from a certain container, etc.

What do you think?

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On 9/13/2020 at 4:34 AM, Stroam said:

I think this is an entirely different genre of game.

I'm not sure if it has to be. Wilderness survival sandbox can certainly include being part of a tribe. Tribes may be considered an incremental part to survival. Maybe not in a sense of forming anything akin to a city or large village, but a small family, caravan or a camp would be great. There is already a system in place for animal husbandry, so why can't there also be lone survivors you could find in the wilderness and convince to start a family or a tribe.

There is already multiplayer in the game, so you can have player based tribes helping each other out (or even warring), so why not have NPCs that can also be part of that?

I think they should be more than just automatons that complete tasks for you. They should have their own needs, wants and quirks. I know that trying to push something like what Dwarf Fortress has is overkill, but at least some remnant of that would be a cool addition and make you have a stronger goal.

Part of many post-apocalyptic settings is re-establishing civilization.

In addition to this, children of your tribe could be a way of "respawning" in ironman mode. Adding sort of a dynasty aspect to the game.

Of course, if the devs don't add it, modders certainly will in the future.

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