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Save world generation settings

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Would be great if the player could save the world customization rules so they don't have to scroll through the list each time to set them, but instead just choose a rule set that they saved.


Let's say for example the only thing I wish to change is the do not drop inventory on death.  Let me choose that, and click a button that save as, and name it No loot drop.

The next time I start a new game, I can choose the No loot drop from a list in the customization world rules area and that would apply.

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I agree with this especially since the prospecting pick is OFF by default and you need to change it it settings or use commands in game then restart to activate it.

I had a seed I really liked it. I got to know the game a little bit and decided ok I'm going to make a new game using the same seed.. well great except because the settings options didn't save I didn't spawn in the same world despite the seed number being the same the settings didn't save so the results of the seed were different.

I think Saving world generation settings would be ideal. especially when creating a new world using same seed option the generation settings are ... well kinda important for that.

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