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despawn rate too fast

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For me, the despawn rate is too fast (if this can be changed locally, feel free to let me know how to do it).  So I travel out to what looks like a ruin and along the way I come across a 4 stump oak tree, a massive tree.  I take the time to chop it down, and even though I have nearly 24 bag slots available, I fill those up and there is still seemingly looks like as many still on the ground.  I return to my base and unload and head back out to the logs that I waypointed and when I get there the logs are all gone.

This can't have been more than 10 real time minutes for me to go to base and return to the waypoint.

I think items on the ground shouldn't despawn so quickly as this.

Maybe make the de-spawn rate an option so the player or server admin can choose how long to let things sit on the ground before despawning would be a good thing.


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