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Is this giant underwater hole intentional?


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While walking through my world I found an area with mostly shallow ponds, but a few of those ponds have a huge cave system below them. It is too wide and too huge for a normal cavern and I haven't seen anything similar so far. The deepest point of the hole is at height 16, so it is nearly 100 blocks deep. The pools are different entrances to the same system. They are connected beneath the surface.

It is very cool to explore it, but my question is, is this intentional? Have you ever seen something similar?


I recreated the world and found the holes again which means they are reproducible. Here is the world config if you want to take a look by yourself.

Seed: 437952797

Pole-Equator-Distance: 50k blocks

Coordinates: /tp 227 109 4072









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