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smithing problem

Alessandro De Col

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I'm tring to make a brass plate.

i heat up one brass ingot and start working on it. too bad! 1 ingot is not enough! ok just heat up another one.

i cant add it to the work, no matter what i do.

maybe is too cold now? ok let heat up both!

uhm...for some reason i cant add the two of them at the same time in the forge. ok no prob, i'll do it one at the time. the temperature is still high enough

i still cant add the material to the already in work plate. ok now i have 2 half-made brass plate. there is not enough material to complete the work and i cannot add more material to it.



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You can only add an unworked ingot to an existing work piece.  If you've worked your second ingot, you can no longer add it to another.  As to why you couldn't add the ingot in the first place, what key combo were you using?  It may require shift or cntrl with right click.  I forget, as it's been awhile since I did that.

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