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Time goes crazy every time I sleep and time glitches


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I have played over 100 hours, glitch free in a single-player survival world. I recently started a new world, and have been having issues I never experienced in my first world. Namely, every time I try to sleep now, my eyes close, it goes dark, the music starts, and then it just seems to get stuck. If I press space to wake up, I can look at the sky and see the sun racing across the sky as time passes super fast. I usually save and exit the game so as not to lose too many days. Food goes bad, etc so the time is actually passing. I thought that maybe it was the old bed I found so I tried sleeping on the mat once instead. I had the same issue. I notice that when it gets stuck the message "host not responding, error crash or overload" appears...

Also, in regular game play, I am having lots of "time glitches" where I dig a block for example, then all of a sudden I pop backward and the block reappears - like I went back in time one second. Sometimes it happens frequently when running across terrain. Because I had NO ISSUES with my first world, I am really noticing all the little things (and the big sleeping thing) this go round. 

Since this is my first bug report, I have no idea what, if anything, I need to attach to help solve this issue.



This is a great game. Good work.

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The server-main file says "17.10.2020 21:28:18 [Warning] Server overloaded. A tick took 919ms to complete." see attached. So this is obviously the problem. What could have happened between playing the one successful play through and the repeated server overloads I'm experiencing now? I haven't changed anything on my computer... 


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No, no mods. But good news! I think I figured it out. After I posted I went into my task manager and saw that my CPU was at 60% utilization due to some background program being stuck in trying to check for an update. This was also negatively affecting my HDD because it was somehow interacting with my anti-virus software. Long story short, I rebooted my machine, waited for all of the updates to install and when the CPU and HDD finally settled down, I opened VS. I was able to sleep with no issues, and the little time glitches seem to have been taken care of as well. I will be sure to check that my antivirus isn't operating in the background when I play from now on. 

Even though this wasn't a problem with VS, I think this info might potentially be useful for diagnosing other people's issues. The game needed more CPU than my machine was ready to give it. Case closed (I think). 

Thanks for the quick response. I'll keep an eye out for strange behavior and let you know if it is more than this. 


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