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Mixture of Ideas


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I do kind of like the GUI but I think a dark, simplistic/clean and slightly transparent GUI would be quite nice (The image was an idea for an inventory GUI I made around a year ago)Minecraft Inventory Concept by me!.png






I saw something to do with being able to have a large amount of particles in game on one of the posts, so I thought it could be pretty cool to have clouds that are made of a large amount particles. This could create more dynamic looking clouds (Images from the Localized Weather and Stormfronts mod for Minecraft)

cloud example 2.pngcloud example 1.png





Breaking blocks could be made to look more visually pleasing when breaking them. Breaking blocks could also be changed that you don't have to point nonstop on a Block, never letting go of the mouse button, to finish it off. You could pause, walk away and break a different block and then come back and it will still be at the certain type of damage. The damage done to the block would eventually disappear in a certain amount of time. (Image is from the Evil Minecraft Mod)






Those are the ideas I have for now, I hope to think of some more sometime soon!

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Ok, I played around a bit with darker and slightly transparent guis, I'm not sure if i like it though



This is how my original concept for guis looked like, which I really liked because it feels more immersive.



Yes the engine can handle a decent amount of particles, but as for clouds I really like the cubic ones because everything else is also cubic in the game. It feels way more fitting to me than realistic clouds. It feels only natural to me when we have blocky terrain to also have blocky clouds. Which however doesn't mean they can't be dynamic! These clouds can change in color and size, move faster or slower according to the weather.

The block breaking system already allows you to pause and continue on another block :)
A three dimensional breaking animation I will have to add another time when more important systems are in place (like animals, smelting, etc.), it's a bit time intensive to add.




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