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how to play multiplayer?


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Depends. Are you planning to be in the same room/on the same network? Then it is very easy, as you can just open a singleplayer world for LAN gaming and your friend can join.

If you want to play over the internet, then you need a dedicated server. You can host this on your machine (or your friend hosts it on theirs), in which case you need to research how to do that. Or you can rent a server from an online provider, in which case you need to pay money.

In either scenario, the person who is opening their singleplayer world or hosting a dedicated server needs somewhat more computer performance than if they were just playing alone; the person joining actually needs a little less than singleplayer would take. Additionally, the person hosting a dedicated server benefits from a good upload (not download) speed on their internet connection.

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Here is the process that worked for us (problem was other directions suggesting LAN participants select 'Single Player' and then join - that's not the case):

1. 'Host' creates a Single Player game. Once created and game is running, the Host hits 'escape' and selects 'Open to LAN'. This will cause IP address to show on main HUD window of the Host's game. Host is now running a LAN game.

2. Host gives the IP address to other players on LAN.

3. Other players should be at their Vintage Story start screen menu. They select 'Multiplayer', then select 'Add New Server'. Fill in the Host's world name, then enter the Host's IP address, and click 'Create'. The Host's LAN game is now in your Multiplayer server list. LAN participants simply click on it to join the Host's game.

That's it. Should work easy and smooth.

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In case anyone is reading this and Serlin's instructions didn't work you should try using Hamachi:

1. Download the Hamachi VPN

2. Add friends to the network (up to 4 for free).

3. Host a single player game on Vintage Story by selecting 'Open to LAN' then 'Open to Internet'.

4. Copy and Paste the hosts IPV4 address from Hamachi and send to friends.

5. Tell your friends to add the IPV4 to the 'Add New Server' button. Then play.

The host may need to disable their firewall to play (I needed to), besides that I've had no problems hosting a small server for free.


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