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Ah, well, there's probably a json somewhere you can edit and set a number at 0, even if the world config doesn't have that option.  I don't know what file that would be unfortunately.  I'd suggest maybe joining the discord and asking in #gameplay-help, or maybe #modding-help.   I'll bet someone there knows.

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I'm not sure if this would do what your looking for but I found this in appdata>roaming>vintagestory>assets>survival>config

there is a JSON file called general.json and it has this in it.

perishSpeedModifier: 1,
  creatureDamageModifier: 1,
  toolDurabilityModifier: 1,
  toolMiningSpeedModifier: 1,
  hungerSpeedModifier: 1,
  baseMoveSpeed: 1.5,

perhaps the perishSpeedModifier: 1, is the food spoilage changing this to 0 might work. I've not tested it so I don't know but if someone else knows more about it please do tell.

worth looking into though.

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