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[1.13-1.14] Useful-Scrap [Moved to QOL tweaks]


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scrap.png.ce445da77de3186636354bac613f8d62.pngEver ran into the issue of having too much scrap? Sadly this cool item has little to no use, and the parts are just used for the translocator. Sure in 1.14 we can make scrap weapons now, but still its use diminishes very quickly out of specific circumstances.

This mod adds bloomery recipes to metal scraps and parts, where they act exactly like meteoric iron and give iron ingots as an output, the ratio is still 2 as well so 2 metal scrap/parts = 1 ingot of iron.

With the 2.0.0 update (will work on 1.13 but intended for 1.14) you can now smelt metal parts to steel ingots at the same ratio 2:1. Note that scraps still smelt to iron. Another source of steel in 1.14!





Either version works with both 1.14 or 1.13, but since you cant do much with steel in 1.13, 2.0.0 is listed as 1.14.





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2.0.0 update: Now you can obtain steel! Putting this mod out now because steel in 1.14 is still not obtainable in survival yet as of this post, and I need steel now for my temporal tinkerer update. Will likely get a balance pass once steel gets fully released in 1.14.

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  • Mr1k3 changed the title to [1.13-1.14] Useful-Scrap [Moved to QOL tweaks]
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