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  1. I'm currently unable to upload this mod over there because its 1mb over the 2mb limit, the sound files take up majority of the space so I'm looking into that.
  2. The issue with other mod's structures not spawning should be fixed in this most recent update. Let me know if you still have the problem after updating.
  3. Split mod into two versions: "Hardcore" and "Standard", hardcore keeps the haft/rope changes for a tougher experience. Standard is a new branch that removes the need for hafts/rope in tool recipes. Mods are incompatible with each other, if you have the original mod in the world and replace it with the standard mod you will get unknown items, if you keep using hardcore it will update fine, this is because of a mod id change that had to be done to keep them distinct in the loader. Also buffed some weapon damage and durability.
  4. 2.2.3-Fixed the structures files, tweaked the tools to be a little stronger, and lowered volume of tool/torch sounds slightly. Buffed the swords a little to keep up with vanilla and weaponpack.
  5. I started off just using pre-existing class attributes from in-game files, but there is documentation of all base character stats starting at line 183 in: https://github.com/anegostudios/vsapi/blob/master/Common/Entity/EntityPlayer.cs I'm assuming you would have to know at least a little c# to add any more attributes than those listed there.
  6. Added the ore-pulverizer mod, now you can (sometimes) double your ores in the pulverizer! Just place a non-crystalized ore into a pulverizer slot (or use a hopper) and say goodbye to using all of your hammers to inefficiently crush ores! I'll be adding support for crystallized ores once I decide on how to balance their outputs.
  7. 1.0.1 Release re-balances doped coal recipe and adds a fire log for providing warmth over a long period of time.
  8. You can craft the standard handles with 1 resin and over 2 sticks in a single slot, to make the large one you just need the 4 across two slots and the resin, its a bit confusing and I really need to redo the whole thing.
  9. Here's another quick update, 1.0.4. Added Russian translations thanks to ZigTheHedge! Re-enabled long blade recipes but left all thier stats untouched, buffed the damage of early game weapons, now vanilla long blades overall preform worse than any weaponpack weapons of that tier, this is a less intrusive workaround for re-balancing the whole combat system by encouraging use of the new weapons and discouraging use of the vanilla one.
  10. Update 2.2.2- Huge thanks to @ZigTheHedgefor Russian translations and the 3x3 drill mining fix. Update largely focuses on balance, and adds a new light source:
  11. Just posted an update to fix these issues, I think the electric sword recipe could be broken by my weaponpack mod possibly? Do you have that installed? I'm releasing an update for it soon so maybe that will fix it.
  12. Yeah there was supposed to, 1.14 changed some names with the longblade to sword so I was referencing old animation names. Fixed it in the 1.0.3 version.
  13. Well I'm currently just able to use the traits that are included in the game since I wouldn't know where to start adding my own through c#, that also goes for cross mod integration like that, I would like to do c# stuff but I always have so much fun just making models, sounds, and textures that I don't really put as much effort into learning it as I should, lol. Just been pushing every last json limitation because I'm so comfortable with using it. The blacksmith is a class I've had a lot of suggestions for, but not much elaboration on what they would have trait wise, I would probably star
  14. From what I can recall foraging applies to the amount of mushrooms you harvest and the amount of berries you get, not sure if it does much else. For the wild crop drop rate trait, I don't know if it effects player planted crops or not. If there's enough content in lore/traits yeah I would add a new class, I just don't want to create too many classes that would just over saturate the roster. Even now some classes are not that well flushed out yet and I'd rather make a couple well thought out classes than a bunch of shallow ones.
  15. MoreClasses is a mod designed to completely overhaul the newly added class system and has one major goal: Make each class have a unique play style. Currently the mod changes all existing classes to have much more influence on your progression by tweaking their upsides/downsides and also adds 4 new classes. The original classes have changed quite a bit and might as well be considered new classes entirely, but they have not changed from their original role. Current class changes: New classes: Vanguard and Blackguard Armor: This mod is still in development, and cert
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