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[Server] Teleports (To other players) V1.0.2


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This is server mod.
Mod allows players teleport to other players.
 → /tpr(equest) <player> - Sends teleport request to [player]
 → /tpa(ccept) - Accepts the teleport request

 → for /tpr - "tprequest"
 → for /tpa - "tpaccept"

You can change messages and teleport cooldown in configuration file 'teleports.cfg'



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@Lucy Demoon
are you sure you have 'suplayer' group?
If i understood correctly, you need write this permissions to all groups including Admin, Moderator and etc if you have it
if problem will not disappear, i will try something else and update mod
You write permissions into group 'suplayer' which have 'AutoGrant' parameter with 'false' value, and in fact this group not default and giving manually to players

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