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Get hay from grains

Jaroslav Šváha

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Since I've started to care for my sheeps, I've been in a constant need of dry grass, so it got me thinking how this is handled in real life.
Then I realised that it seems pretty silly that you only get seeds and grains from harvesting rye etc. since those only make up about 5 - 10% of the plant. The rest is then dried and used to feed the livestock, and I believe that it should be the same in VS.

My proposal is that you should get about 2-4 dry grass from harvesting any grains, that you can then use to feed your animals.
Or better yet, get fresh hay, that you then need to dry for a few days to get dry hay, which can be used in place of dry grass, but being more nutritious for animals, for example only needing 16 units to fill a large trough.

The drying could be really easy too, you just put 6 fresh hay together to make a haystack, then place it anywhere (probably under a roof so it doesn't get wet and mouldy) and after a few days, you got dry haystack.

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A quick google search says straw can be used for animal feed, though they're not as good as things like hay, and generally require a supplement of better feed to make up for the nutrients it lacks.

Either way, I think alternate ways to obtain animal feed wouldn't be bad, though I can't really say for certain since I haven't quite gotten around to raising animals myself.

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