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Respawn, Quit Menu Position.

tony Liberatto

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Hi, this is my first attempt at a suggestion for the game. Hope I can properly explain my idea and the benefits it would bring.

When the player dies the game brings up0 a simple menu with 2 options. Respawn or quit.

My idea is to position that menu on the Left top corner of the screen, in such a way that the player actually has to move the mouse cursor from the center of the screen and actually choose an option.

Dying is already frustrating, but when you are fast clicking fighting 12 wolves and die, you will most times accidentally click and respawn.

Since we do not have minimaps or waypoints the only way to know where your body is is to write down the coordinates before respawning.

PS: The left top corner is so it does not interfere with the coordinates on the right top corner.



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