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Help with command list.


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I have looked at the command list and I can use 

for example wiki says.

/giveblock [blockcode] [quantity] [toplayername]

if no player name is give supposed to give it to whoever input the command

but in game it says.

/giveblock [name] 

now what I'm having trouble with is finding a list of "names" or "blockcode" for the various blocks same with items /giveitem command.

what are the codes or names or whatever is supposed to be put in that space. I can't find a comprehensible list anywhere.

always finding links to mods and how to mod the game and stuff I just want to know the item list and correstponding names/codes for said blocks and items. anyone know such a list?

I even went into creative to see if the creative tab gave the item ID or code name or whatever but it doesn't and I tried just putting the name of the item in like for example

/giveblock Dark Mudbrick 64


/giveblock DarkMudbrick 64

as well as

/giveblock darkMudbrick 64

and in every case it says Dark not found, DarkMudbrick not found, darkMudbrick not found respectively so what do you put in the command to spawn in items? someone spawned in cranberries on a multiplayer server before. I want to spawn in some building materials to dress up spawn in a newly created world instead of marking it on a map and waiting until much later in the game to have access to the building materials. I want to play the game normally but I want to get spawn dressed up first thing so to do that I need to spawn in the blocks to build with but I can't find a list of block names or block codes or ID's or whatever it uses to spawn them in so I would appreciate some help on this matter.

please, and thank you.

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If you just want to get the items for yourself, it's way easier to use /gamemode to go into creative.  Instead of an inventory you'll have a searchable 'nei-like' list of everything.   Just search out what you want, get as many as you need.  I think shift gives you a full stack iirc?   Then go back into creative.

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thanks this would work for my spawn building reasons but how about command blocks?

I want to have a couple custom shops at spawn where people can trade specific things for other things. 

there is a merchant guild in the server I play on but it's mostly just the host having spawned in a few different traders that you normally find wondering around but I want to add custom trades that the in game traders don't usually have and I don't want them to get locked up once someone has traded with them once or twice.

I thought the command blocks give item command would be useful. if anything like minecraft command blocks you can check to see if they have a certain number of items and space for what they are trading for and remove the required items they have and add the specified item. I have not opened a command block yet so maybe this is different but to spawn items in to people even if I have to do it manually myself after they give the required items for trade I would still need the item list.

as you said if I go into creative I lose my inventory.

ideally I'd like to just make a custom trader with custom trades with no limit or a really really high limit and short refresh time if possible

ever since someone spawned cranberries into my inventory in a server and spawned a welcome package into my inventory that I guess I was told should have happened when I joined but didn't happen until 3 real life days later when I logged in they popped into my inventory. anyway ever since then I've been wondering how to do it. but no answer in game. almost as if it's set up as automatic and no one knows quite how to do it or I'm just not on during the same time the server host is on.

I would like to do something like this in my game too though.

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