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Time fast-forwards after waking up


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Sometimes when I wake up on the hay bed - time "continues" to fast forward, steadily. Sometimes for half-day, sometimes for two days.
"Continues" because I can't see if it was fast-forwarding at sleep, the in-game eyes are shut.
There may be a time jerk in the end of that process, like the moon was quickly falling down but suddenly the time changes and moon goes back instantly.
Btw, while this fast-forwarding happens, I noticed some transparent sparks exploding in front of my eyes. I thought it was a visual effect for fresh morning, but idk now.

Haven't tried much with the advanced bed yet. Also I am unsure if in the end time is really fast-forwarded or returns back to the planned one with that last jerk.

Will try to get additional info.

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Just happened again with the wooden bed. Before clicking the bed it was Day 49 21:54:55. Just after waking up - Day 50 03:31:53. Time was fast-forwarding: day, night, day, night.

I was constantly typing /time in chat and I got only minutes advancing, as if no fast forward happening. So after a minute fast forwarding stopped and it was Day 50 04:32:01, and the moon was nearly at horizon.

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