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Hello question

 What makes a roof in vintage story? I Am building a greenhouse and look it up and it said the roof needs 50% transparent I have a 3 by 7 building and only 2 pieces of glass. Showing a greenhouse effect with the crops and only the spots over the farm plots is 23 hay blocks and only 2 glass is the greenhouse still getting implemented where it will need a 50% of it to be glass.

also have a cellar above ground in a 3 by 6 and I have no door because I block it with hay and it give me the same effect under ground a piece of gran is 89.6 in my inventory then it go to 4 years in the building if I don’t block it and extend a walk way off the side then I need not to use hay to block the doorway because it will keep the length

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I think just about anything is considered a roof that covers a building.

as for cellar it doesn't matter what Y axis you build it it could be all the way down to the mantle or all the way up to the build limit as long as it's enclosed with earth type materials (dirt,stone) it will be fine no door is needed as long as the opening isn't too big and has a long enough hall to prevent natural light from getting inside. artificial lights are all fine you can cover it with lanterns inside if you really wanted to. as long as there is no natural light getting in and you keep in within it's size requirements.

the greenhouse I'm still having issues with. I have almost all clear glass as a roof with only 1 strip down the center blocking skylight being directly down to the farm land and it's still not being calculated as a greenhouse I actually have an open forum asking for help on that issue right now.

I know wood and grass blocks will still count for a cellar but at reduced protection. there is a youtuber who does a series called Vintage Verified and he does a lot of different test on things like this and found that dry grass blocks still give some cellar effect but lower amount than wood and wood works but at lower rates than stone. turned out stone and dirt al worked equally well and were the best given the longest protection bonus. 

they also did the test with the light as some people say not to have a light source any brighter than an oil lamp but he used several light sources and none of them had any effect except for natural light. 

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