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  1. I think your issue might be fixed in the newest update, something about cellars on chunk borders.
  2. Try making a different cellar in another location. I moved my cellar a few blocks and it stopped having issues. Also double check your door isnt left open.
  3. If it's a very old save perhaps something happened while updating the save. You should check if crops you plant now yield vegetables.
  4. The location shouldn't affect the generation, the vein just fails to generate on rare occasions.
  5. I am unable to sell clothes to any trader. I am unable to place the requested clothes in the trade dialogue. The clothes are better condition than requested, I assume the percent condition is not intended to require an exact match.
  6. This happened to me and I believe it was because I had left the door open, which removes the cellar bonus.
  7. All three of those grow close to the equator in standard worlds
  8. I honestly regretted grinding up all my shells when I realized how little leather I actually would get, so it seems fun and balanced to be able to pan for more. Plus part of the fun in panning is not knowing what you'll get, so having a bigger loot list is always better to me.
  9. This does sound cool. I also like all the seashells for decoration, so it's not a bad find for people that already have leather.
  10. The wiki says "Chickens will spawn in light levels 12 and higher, at temperatures down to -2, in areas with as little as 0.32 rainfall. They spawn in groups that average 4 individuals, but can include many more."
  11. Animals should respawn anywhere above ground without artificial light.
  12. Also if you are just after the temp gear, I think one of the merchants sells it.
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