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Having trouble changing the Prospecting pick and death punishment. Need help...

Yvette Forty

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I have tried twice to change death punishment and the prospecting pick with world configure commands but nothing changes after restart. I used /worldConfig propickNodeSearchRadius [12] and /worldconfig deathPunishment [keep].

What do I do? How can I stop loosing my stuff and get the pro pick to work in a pretty far along game. I even tried to copy the seed and change the setting at the start but it drops me in a completely different place and in the water no less, I tried this 4 different times and it loaded me in exactly the same place floating in the water (not the same as my first world) so this is why I tried to change it but it's not working. Some help please.

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All worldconfig changes only apply after the world is reloaded. So, simply quit to main menu, then load the world again. Your changes should now be in effect.

Additionally, those [square brackets]? Those are markers that denote "input your own value here". You are not actually supposed to write them in the command. If you wrote "/worldConfig propickNodeSearchRadius [12]", that will not work. You will need to write "/worldConfig propickNodeSearchRadius 12" instead. (Without the quotation marks, too.)

Finally, did you notice the Customize button at the bottom of the screen when starting a new world? You can toggle these settings via that menu as well, before the world is even created. Then you do not need to use chat commands at all.


Try these things, and see if you can get it to work. :) If you still have issues then - for example, if you use the Customize menu to disable death punishment but still lose your stuff ingame - then report back here.


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