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  1. Why doesn't this game have an easy multiplayer? I want to play with a buddy of mine. We are in different time zones. I have tried to find clear information on how to setup multiplayer and I have tied but I this the information is to old. I really don't want to have a server as the game will be running all the time, that blows, as this game is very hard to play in winter. I want to play with my friend, can anyone help me achieve that? I tried a port-forwarding but it didn't work. So here are my questions: Can I setup a server that won't run when we are not playing, if so, how do I d
  2. Can you add this mod to an existing game?
  3. I'm on most recent and it's not working for me.
  4. I'm trying to play my game and instead of the normal start up screen I get "Login for greater Justice". However, it doesn't accept my PW. It hasn't changed, can anyone tell me what is going on?
  5. I do like this mod and the heavy spear has become one of my favorite weapons, however, I do not like how it has altered the recipe for stone tools. Several times now I've been out on a gathering trip and broke my copper shovel or axe, went to make a flint one and have no rope or tool hafts and nothing around for it to make one or no inventory space to do so. Then I have to just trot on bake home. I also don't like wasting the resources of rope and resin on stone tools that break in nothing flat. I think that you should reconsider modifying the basic tools and spears.
  6. Okay, I have a lot of mods now and would like a few more but need this, but have been avoiding this because I don't understand this. I have only ever been a designer and dabbled in flash animation a long while ago but am better at graphics than code. So I can't comfortable use something I don't understand. So, can I get a step by step for dummies on how to use this and when to use this mod and what you use and where the assets might be? Sorry...
  7. I have the Acorn + PS version and can't seem to be able to harvest any seaweed. It just breaks into nothingness. What, if anything am I doing wrong?
  8. Wow! Now you've made this even better. Kool man or woman!
  9. How am I supposed to use these "things that shall not be named" items I'm getting?
  10. How do I harvest seaweed? I've tried bare handed and with a knife and I get nothing. So what's the trick?
  11. I've never edited anything in creative before. Kind a new to this.
  12. Seed: 1883546319 Version: 1.4.3 Unfortunately it is claimed by the trader.
  13. Trader building spawned only half of it with no trader.
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