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Add liquid temperature

Cameron Textor

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liquids should have more realistic temperature. With liquid temperature liquids like water could become too cold in the winter and players would need to be careful to not fall into a lake or pond in the middle of winter like in real life. same thing with heat, water can be quite hazardous it it gets too hot. Steam that is too hot can cause serious burns. Water should rapidly and explosively boil into hazardous steam if it comes into contact with lava. Pockets of steam could form from underground pressures like in real life making mining hazardous underground should you hit one. Also with the ability to heat water we could use a fire pit to heat water for a boiler made from metal (probably iron) or even make it so water could be heated to just the right temperature to make a hot tub which could have health benefits for the player if the water had a lot of minerals. The simple act of boiling water to make steam to turn a turbine would be what would lead to the age of the steam engine. The same thing goes for lava, if lava was brought to the surface it would cool down and harden like metal because the temperature would be too low for it at the surface.

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Totally agree about the cold water. Steaming water feels like something that doesn't occur that often naturally and might just be hard to implement. Feels pretty stupid jumping in to freezing water to fight wolves. Figured they might bring that in with body temperature system. 

Not sure how much they should have to tweek it - water should definitely negate all positive effects of clothes, and referebly afterwards as well until you get a chance to dry. IRL cold water would decreace your body temperature much faster than air. On the other hand it will never go below 0, so whether its 0 degrees outside or -30 wouldn't matter while in the water. You would have to have separate water temperature. That might be hard mechanics to perform realistic. Perhaps better to have increased  effects of colder water until outside temperature is 0 degrees, than no further effects.

Regarding that, i personally think crops should get destroyed at, perhaps not 0 degrees, but 3 or 5 degrees minus. That would force the player to plan their planting better to avoid their crops freezing or use greenhouse (perhaps the multiplayers would't like it though).

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