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Hi, I wanted to suggest a couple of ideas:

1. From each animal we get a certain skin in the amount of 1 piece. Example: from a fox, a fox skin, from a wolf, a wolf. You can make warm clothes from skins, sell skins. But after soaking and processing with a knife, all the skins are prepared and, as now, are divided only by size.

2. It has to do with trees. I think so, if you cut down a tree and leave a stump (1 block of a tree), then after a certain period of time something like a seedling will grow there, and then into a tree. I also think that seedlings could only be obtained with scissors.

3. New food. Apples in honey, well, and other fruits. To do this, you will need a barrel and let's say 10 liters of honey for 5 apples, then close it for, say, 3 days.

Thanks everyone for your attention and sorry for my english.

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As far as trees, it is already the case that leaf blocks will randomly drop saplings sometimes, when you break them.  just plant the saplings, and several days later, you'll have a tree.   You cannot however grow the very largest oaks, pines, and kapoks (the 2x2 trunk ones).  Those are world-gen only.

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