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Small Tweaks: Auditory Cues & Ambient Sounds


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The sound design in this game is lovely, but I do have a few suggestions for more auditory additions to the game.

Auditory Cues For Smelting: While the sound of the cooking pot rattling is a great way to tell when the meals are still cooking, there’s nothing for the other campfire recipes. An auditory cue for when metal is done smelting or clay is done firing would be great for multi-tasking. Molten metal could bubble or sizzle as it finishes melting, and clay could make a ceramic pinging noise as it’s ‘cooling’.

In-Game Temporal Storm Warning: Have in-world warnings that temporal storms are approaching, as the single message in the chat log is easy to miss. Auditory cues could include some ambient music, heartbeats, or drifter noises. In addition, some visual effects could be the sky slowly turning rusty, or a few stray dust motes here and there, increasing in intensity as the storm approaches.

Time-Related Sounds: The sound of crickets at nightfall and birdsong in the morning. Even if these animals aren’t actually in the game (yet? 😊) the sounds will be a nice transition from night to day and vice-versa. They probably wouldn’t play during winter, but that would help winter seem more ‘lifeless’ by comparison.

Feel free to add some other ideas!

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