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Steel Age and Character Customization (v1.14.0-rc.7)


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Dear Steeled Community
v1.14.0-rc.7, a release candidate, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

As expected a few major things broke, but this patch should fix it right back up!

Screenshot by Ava on our Discord server

Game updates

  • Fixed: Crash with incomplete Pulverizer fed items via chute.
  • Fixed: Pulverizer handbook entry to refer to Olivine now not Peridotite
  • Fixed: Firepit contents rendering issues with a rotten food pot
  • Fixed: Should hopefully fix client side block entity load order issues (which threw exceptions on the client)
  • Fixed: 3-way chute crash when placed against back face
  • Fixed: Large Gear unwanted unbreakable rim blocks on client when jump-placing fails
  • Fixed: Pulverizers not always showing items it is fed automatically
  • Fixed: Game crashing when placing 2 blister steel on the same anvil
  • Fixed: Prevent crash in sound engine unload when leaving a world
  • Fixed: Exception thrown from /kill

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