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Stable steel Age and Character Customization (v1.14.0)


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Dear Steeled Community
v1.14.0, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

Version v1.14 should now be safely playable by everyone without serious interruptions in game play. I might be going out on a limb a bit declaring it stable right after a few small additions and fixes, but I'm tired of fixing bugs, so you all have to live with the consequences now 😝
Personally, I actually believe v1.14.0 is less buggy than v1.13.4, but I might be also wildly underestimating that. In any case, from this point on, any remaining major issue will be quickly fixed.
Windows 10 users: Windows Defender / Smartscreen will probably complain. Will take a while until windows fully trusts my new developer code signing certificate again >.>

The goal of this update was to add some of the many features that we wanted to add in previous versions, but never made the cut. In other words, a beautiful mess of various interesting small(-ish) things 😁
Looking forward, as with v1.13, the upcoming v1.15 will follow a particular theme again, and it seems like we'll be mostly going by the wishes of the community and focus on homesteading related content. That being said, we might still add or replace some of the planned features with others.

But back to the present! I feel honored that I've been given the privilege to work with such a talented team and incredibly helpful community. Vintage Story is the cumulative effort from all of you, developers, moderators, content creators and players alike. Thank you dearly, for being a part in this journey.

Time to celebrate and enjoy the fruit of our labor! Here is a full recap of what is new in v1.14 🎉

P.S.: You can continue playing on your world created in v1.13, just install the update and apply the remappings as the game suggests with a dialog (or via /fixmapping applyall)!

Update Trailer



Greatly expanded character customization

Added character classes: Select from 5 classes with different traits

Cheese making: You can now milk Ewes, curdle milk, and age cheese

Meteoric iron working: Iron tier, but 20% better!

Steel age: A Cementation furnace to enrich iron ingots with carbon, to create blister steel

Steel Age: Iron Anvil crafting, required to work meteoric iron and blister steel

Steel Age: The Pulverizer.  A new mechanical power block required to build the refractory bricks for the cementation furnace

Coke ovens: Lets you convert low grade brown and black coal into high grade coke

Immersive Coal: Coal is now place-able and collapses semi-realisticly

Immersive Coal: Coal piles can be ignited

Animated container lids: Buttery smooth chest opening goodness

Scrap weapons: Emergency underground weaponry made from scrap metal

2 new, rare, deep underground creatures
The bell - it's alarm is guaranteed to strike fear into any unsuspecting spelunker. Tread quietely.
The Sawblade Locust - cut's through armor like butter

Tapestry texts. Look at a complete tapestry set to reveal new bits of lore.

Useful bony soil: Panning through piles of bones has never been so much fun \o/

A mold rack: Elegant and convenient tool mold storage

Body Temperature: Makes your screen all icy and shivery when cold. Be sure to repair your clothes once a year. Stay close to fires to warm up.

New stone age building blocks: Packed dirt, straw flooring, stick layers and rough hewn fence

Even more blocks: 2 new colored glass block variants, leaded glass panes and 7 new storage vessel variants, mossy and lichen covered rock

Improved scythe: Now harvests more stuff and has a better first person interaction

Inventory improvements: Items can no longer extend the slot boundaries

Inventory improvements: Work items now look the same in inventory as when placed on the anvil

Inventory improvements: The creative inventory can be controlled using keyboard only

More 3D! Several clothing items now are 3D Models instead of a flat texture on top of the player skin
0-royalcollor.png.92d55bd0b0c450b081f6f8e8872db6a0.png    0-bronze.thumb.png.0d0dd797e1014e15b6be4a86bb30efd1.png

More  3D! Harvested grass and horsetail are now in 3D

New item collect mode

Thrown items are now affected by the wind, depending on their density

Specular sunlight reflections on water surfaces now disappear when the sun is hidden

Try to avoid getting hit by anvils 😄

All game updates since v1.13

  • Feature: Completed the character skin and class selector
  • Feature: The Steel Age
    • Can now survival craft refractory bricks with aformention crushed minerals
    • Can now survival craft the metal door, refractory brick grating and stone coffins
  • Feature: The Pulverizer!
    • Fancy mechanical power stone grinder!
    • Can now crush bauxite stones, ilmenite ore, olivine and quartz pieces into their crushed variants. Required to craft refractory bricks.
  • Feature: Body Temperature
    • When cold you will now get a Frost overlay and visibly shiver. (No effect yet when too hot)
    • Added a body temperature display on the character stats dialog
    • Added clothing warmth protection and clothing condition
      • Repair with flax twine (+10%) or linen (+50%). Left click with linen in hands on clothes, not in the crafting window!
      • Don't worry, clothing does not get destroyed when the condition reaches 0%
    • You'll get cold from:
      • Being wet (from rain or swimming. Player needs 1 in-game hour to dry),
      • Temperatures below 0°C (per-world configurable)
      • Outside wind speed
    • You get warmth from:
      • Sleeping under cover (ideally in a room),
      • Being close to a burning fire, fire pit, lava, burning coal pile or burning forge
      • Being inside a room
      • Clothing in good condition
    • Added frost damage when "harsh winters" is enabled
  • Feature: New blocks
    • Packed dirt
    • Straw flooring blocks
    • Stick layer
    • Rough hewn fence
    • 7 new storage vessel variants
    • Leaded glass pane
    • Added mossy and lichen covered block variants for cobblestone, polished rock and stone brick (creative only for now)
    • Added non-decaying animal carcasses, added 2 human carcasses
    • Added Etho Slab block. A must have for every voxel game.
  • Feature: Can now right click pick-up loose sticks, stones, eggs and lanterns
  • Feature: Added coke ovens. Lets you convert bituminius coal to 75% coke, and lignite to 50% coke.
    • Build a 3x3 cube of fire bricks or refractory brick, leave the center empty and add a coke oven door to one side. Then fill the center with coal, ignite and wait 12 hours.
  • Feature: Coal is now placeable. Tall piles of coal collapse in layers. New coal sound. Charcoal piles have a new texture now. Coal piles can be ignited and the fire can  spread to nearby piles
  • Feature: Anvil improvements
    • Will no longer pre-select the arrow recipe a cancelled recipe selection will drop the original ingot back.
    • Metal plates can now also be used to smith tools and other metal produce
    • The new blister steel is workable into steel on the anvil or with the help of the helve hammer
    • The smithing grid is now more visible
  • Feature: Small, subtle-ish, but pretty shader effects: Surfaces that the sun directly shines on (close to orthogonal) now get a slight glow effect applied on them
  • Feature: New controls settings: "Item collection mode". Determines how the player picks up items (always or only when sneaking)
  • Feature: The text fonts the client uses is now configurable in the clientsettings.json.
  • Feature: Cob can now become grass covered when exposed to the sky. Lowered speed of normal soil getting covered in grass 3-fold
  • Feature: when failing to join a server a link to the mod forum boards is displayed. The mod manager now also has a link to the forum
  • Feature: A few new sounds
    • When placing items in the bloomery
    • When clicking a UI Tab
  • Feature: Cheese making
    • Added dairy nutrition bar for another +2.5 hp bonus
    • Female bighorn sheep can now be milked daily with a bucket, for up to 21 days after giving birth. Be aware though, before generation 3 they will become aggressive when attempting to milk them
    • Milk can be turned into curdled milk in the barrel by adding a pickled vegetable for the starter enzymes
    • Curdled milk can be turned into cottage cheese by adding salt in the barrel
    • Take 25 liters of cottage cheese from the barrel with a piece of linen to turn it into a curd bundle. Place it on the ground, add a stick, then twist the curd bundle to squeeze out the whey. Right click again to open it, to reveal raw cheese
    • Salt your raw cheese, optionally apply wax for greater freshness
    • Raw cheese must be placed on shelves in a cellar to ripen it. Rumor has it that certain conditions even allows the growth of edible cheese molds.
    • Ripe cheese is place-able and can be sliced with a knife for direct consumption
  • Feature: Added meteoric iron working
    • Tools made from meteoric iron are roughly 20% better than normal iron. Must however be worked on an iron anvil. All metal tools now have a meteoric iron variant.
    • Added meteoric iron armor sets
  • Feature: Iron anvil crafting. Can now smith iron anvil halves, then place and combine them on the ground with flux + hammering
  • Feature: Containers now have animated lids (the chest, vessel and basket)
  • Feature: Can now craft 4 types of scrap weapons, randomly selected when using a scrap weapon kit, which is now craft-able from 1x rope, 1x stick and 1x scrap metal
  • Feature: Added bell creature. A rare deep augment that sounds an alarm if a player is nearby, which attracts drifters and locusts to that location. These have a chance to drop resonance archives upon death.
  • Feature: Added sawblade locust as an extra tough rare deep spawn with special drops
  • Feature: More lore texts. Looking at a completed tapestry on the wall now unveils a new snippet of lore, added to the Journal
  • Feature: Bony soil is now pannable, they come with a unique set of rare and worthwhile drops
  • Feature: Added a mold rack block - convenient tool mold storage
  • Feature: Improved scythe tool. Can now also harvest cattails and horsetails and has a new sound and breaking animation
  • Feature: Quartz crystal updates
    • Can be crushed into quartz chunks which can be smelted into colored glass
    • Added 2 new glass colors for that: Smoky and Pink
    • When blown up, no longer disappear but drop quartz chunks instead
  • Feature: Prettier work items. Ingots which are currently being worked on the anvil longer have a generic texture but show the actual smithed voxels so far, when held in hands, on the ground or when placed on the forge
  • Feature: The creative inventory can be controlled through keyboard alone now (use CTRL+F to instantly search the creative inventory, hit tab twice to focus the slot grid, use cursor keys to select slot, hit enter to retrieve a stack)
  • Feature: The wooden pan is now place-able
  • Feature: Thrown items are now affected by the wind (but projectiles are excluded from this)
  • Feature: Added /weather stoprain. Fast-Forwards only the rain simulation to a point where there is no rain.
  • Feature: /weather setprecip [value] is now savegame persistent. Can now query the current value with /weather setprecip
  • Tweak: Greatly reduced derpiness in immersive first person mode (removed neck, screen doesn't wobble like crazy when doing an action + walking)
  • Tweak: added /tpwp [starts with name] to teleport to a waypoint. Requires the teleport privilege.
  • Tweak: Falling Anvils do 20x more damage
  • Tweak: Falling blocks do 3x more damage. Animals killed from falling blocks only yield half the resources
  • Tweak: /wgen regen is now capped to a radius of 50
  • Tweak: Performance improvements
    • Mitigated lag spikes caused by loading new chunks that have lots of block entities in them, particularly chiseled blocks
    • Improve sign performance (Sign texts are no longer rendered when outside the viewing angle of a player)
    • Improve container (chest, basket, vessels) performance (Chests no longer run through the animation calculations if there is no active animations)
    • Reduced lag spike intensity when opening survival inventory
    • Reduced lag spike intensity when shift crafting many items from the 3x3 grid
    • Mitigate one more source of lag spikes related to the new clothing conditions
    • Improved stack tool tip performance to mitigate lag spikes when moving around quickly in the creative inventory
    • Improve chunk relighting performance in heavily lit areas by about 50-100% (more optimized hash code, replace a hashset with an int[] array, GetChunk caching)
    • Further improve background lag spike issues (don't redraw inventory when not necessary)
    • Improve client side chunk loading performance by ~7%
    • Improve falling block performance (particles are now spawned async, simulate physics less often when there's many falling blocks)
    • Reduce lag spikes when large bodies of water are freezing/melting (technical info: reduced instant-chunk-update radius from 3 to 2)
    • Random large lag spikes when opening dialogs (Removed large object heap compaction triggered by opened dialogs).
  • Tweak: Force the use of TLS 1.2 when connecting to the auth or master server
  • Tweak: In creative worlds snow and ice no longer melts
  • Tweak: Quern grinding sound a bit louder
  • Tweak: Lanterns, Eggs and seashells now can be right-clicked to pick up
  • Tweak: Renamed clay pot to cooking pot
  • Tweak: Speleothem blocks (Stalactictes and Stalagmites) now display their rock type in the info tooltip. fixed hitboxes slightly off
  • Tweak: Headbobbing frequency reduced when sneaking, it looked wrong
  • Tweak: Increased Godray intensity. Fixed an issue where godrays are not aligned with the sun
  • Tweak: Improved firefly spawning mechanic. Now should spawn when they are supposed to spawn (during low wind, low rain and warm nights)
  • Tweak: Cannot no longer right click spawner meta block in survival mode
  • Tweak: Added audit logging to server-audit.txt. Logs when the server finds suspicious flying behavior, when a player kills another player and similar relevant actions.
  • Tweak: Barrel cactus is no longer in the creative inventory terrain tab
  • Tweak: New installs of VS now start out with a High quality preset (with SSAO and low shadows on)
  • Tweak: Increased arrow velocity by 33% except for character with the Frail trait
  • Tweak: Added a light glow to rain particles, which makes them more invisible against cloudy background
  • Tweak: Worldgen changes
    • Halved terra preta deposits, but doubled compost yield
    • Reduced meteorite impact world gen feature by about 25%
    • Reduced spawn rate of arctic foxes during world gen
    • Beehives spawn in more wet areas as well now
    • Malachite can now spawn closer to the surface and spawn surface nuggets
    • All mushrooms now spawn in a harvested state
    • Tweak: Clay deposits rebalance
      • Now also spawn in much colder areas
      • Are half as common
      • Drop slightly more than double the amount of clay per block
      • Take nearly twice as long to dig up
  • Tweak: Updated trader goods
    • The luxuries trader now sells echo chambers for 30 rusty gears
    • The artisan trader now sells 6 new clay vessels and some tapestry
    • Some gems weren't sellable despite the trader wanting to buy them
    • Fur items are a lot more pricey now
    • They now refuse to buy spoiled or less than half-fresh perishable items
  • Tweak: Major Animal AI tweaks and fixes
    • Chickens, Hens and Chicks now flee about 10% faster
    • Slightly increased boar chasing speed
    • Drifter melee attack frequency more random and more often
    • Drifters now approach players ~35% quicker
    • Fixed drifters fleeing from the player waaay more often than they are supposed to
    • Fixed all animals not becoming aggressive when they are supposed to
  • Tweak: Buffed crude and simple bow durability
  • Tweak: Wilderness survival worlds now respawn you randomly within a 5000 block radius
  • Tweak: Should fix greenhouses requiring a solid floor below farmland
  • Tweak: Items rendered in GUI no longer extend beyond item slot bounds, they will now be clipped
  • Tweak: Added new creative tab for mechanical power items and blocks
  • Tweak: New model for harvested horsetail and dry grass
  • Tweak: Minor layout improvements on handbook item/block detail pages
  • Tweak: Crops will no longer grow well underground. Added "underground farming" toggle to world customize screen to revert that.
  • Tweak: Opening the handbook now focuses the search text field
  • Tweak: Added anvil recycling recipes
  • Tweak: Increased temperature at which lake ice melts
  • Tweak: Spawn some more particles on in-water dissolving dropped items
  • Tweak: Can now mousewheel on a drop down field to cycle through values
  • Tweak: Tweaked firefly spawning mechanics a bit, so hopefully they are more commonplace but also where they belong
  • Tweak: Fix demon-jitter of hell for dropped items floating in water
  • Tweak: Muddy gravel is now also affected by gravity
  • Tweak: Disabled silver torch cactus block, was creative only and never completed
  • Tweak: Increase trader idle talk chance 5-fold
  • Tweak: Minor godrays tweaks during nights
  • Tweak/Fixed: Spoiling foods can no longer cure/dry/ripen
  • Tweak: Should make modmaker work on linux, but untested
  • Tweak: Grown mushrooms now enter harvested state when its gets below 2°C
  • Tweak: Spider webs are now halftransparent
  • Tweak: Collapsed chests are now with a moldy texture
  • Tweak: Added run.sh to linux builds. Removed .sh files from windows builds.
  • Tweak: Added server config PassTimeWhenEmpty. When set to true, then the game calendar will keep progressing even when no player is online
  • Tweak: Increased sound slider length so that its at least less fiddly to set the music volume to 2-10% as it generally is too loud in the game
  • Tweak: Added command /whenwillitstopraining
  • Tweak: Added a slightly hacky specular reflection occlusion system so that specular reflections from sunlight are hidden when the sun is hidden.
  • Tweak: Should fix armor stands still interactable in claimed areas
  • Tweak: Locust cages extra loot: They now drop some resources upon breaking them
  • Tweak: Chutes several bugfixes and add smarter placement
  • Tweak: Disallow creation of small pelts, since they have no use right now
  • Tweak: Reduced the overall size of the moon
  • Tweak: Mitigate a bug where a game/pc crash would wipe all client settings
  • Tweak: Changed default month length from 12 to 9 in-game days
  • Tweak: Fixed honeycomb to large on the shelf and the lead ingot not shelvable. Made rawbrick, resin, shingle and stonebricks shelvable
  • Tweak: All the linen types can now be used for crafting
  • Tweak: Sign text is more readable now
  • Tweak: Trader dialog issue when opening 2 trade dialogs of the same trader type
  • Tweak: Tree vines now also generate in colder, wet climates
  • Tweak: Beehives should update their status info (e.g. flower count) a bit more swiftly
  • Tweak: A bit more feedback from the masterserver register failure for server ownders
  • Tweak: A lore piece that does not contain new texts is no longer consumed. Fixed the writing sound not playing.
  • Tweak: The lock/unlock mouse cursor key bound to Alt is no longer hardcoded and can now be rebound in the controls
  • Tweak: The .online command now shows the ping roundtime of all players. (Disclaimer: Not sure if the info is accurate)
  • Tweak: /group info [groupname] should now work and list the players of a group
  • Tweak: Added command "/land adminfreehere" to free a single claimed area by a player or trader at given location
  • Tweak: Animals swim slightly faster in water
  • Tweak: Correct collision/selection box size for the owl and golden chest
  • Tweak: Lighter chest open/close sound for the owl and gold chest
  • Tweak: Non smooth texture zoom on barrel contents bar
  • Tweak: The ported archimedes screw can now also spit out items when fed items from below
  • Tweak: Held torch now go out when you go swimming with them
  • Tweak: Should avoid the propick crashing the game if a wrong /worldconfig value was set
  • Tweak: Picking up mannequin now works with sneak+right click, instead of plain right click
  • Fixed: Archimedes screw recipe required uncraftable sheets instead of plates
  • Fixed: Lightning sounds were not considered weather sounds
  • Fixed: Immersive first person mode allowing player to see through terrain. Now it will be blocked by an "inside render" of blocks until we can properly fix the clipping.
  • Fixed: Finally fixed weird sun halo in some odd cases
  • Fixed: 2 different default values for world sizes, depending on how a world was created (1000000 and 1024000)
  • Fixed: run.sh shipping with the server archive
  • Fixed: Should fix translocators not working when the server is running slow (e.g. when many players are online)
  • Fixed: Translocators not finding exit point and underground structures not seed-deterministic
  • Fixed: Gravel and sand not playing sounds or creating dust particles in the wilderness survival mode
  • Fixed: Unable to fill barrels with creative mode liquids
  • Fixed: "Deprived of light, might die soon" info on dead creatures
  • Fixed: Querns not autogrinding in some cases
  • Fixed: Chopping a tree with a harvested resin log did not break the full tree
  • Fixed: Not able to make a pure mushroom stew
  • Fixed: Should fix a crash in /we mclear
  • Fixed: Hopefully reduced the "incorrect srgb profile" error log spam on linux
  • Fixed: Various issues with world edit when operating on chiseled blocks
  • Fixed: Might fix that one second of rain before chunks are loaded on startup
  • Fixed: WQPs chisel block crashes due to incorrect use of a command
  • Fixed: Knapping interaction help on stones that weren't knappable
  • Fixed: Pouring portions out from a cooking pot left a 0 serving meal inside
  • Fixed: Should fix terrain flicker when getting out of bed
  • Fixed: Unable to ignite firepits in claimed areas despite use allowance
  • Fixed: Might fix rendering issues around the moon when SSAO is enabled
  • Fixed: Might fix a rare server exception causing the server to shut down
  • Fixed: Able to go beyond the character limit on sign texts using backspace
  • Fixed: Game crashing when going negative coordinates
  • Fixed: Search text cleared from public server list but still filtered after search text when leaving and re-entering the screen
  • Fixed: Eating deadly stew from a bowl left the bowl in the players inventory upon death
  • Fixed: Some blocks in the handbook not grouped
  • Fixed: Kick message had the names reversed
  • Fixed: Minor visual glitch with water foam
  • Fixed: Might fix a rare server side crash related to the weather system
  • Fixed: Should fix a rare issue where a chunk gets rendered twice and z-fighting happens all over the place
  • Fixed: Bismuth Bronze Lantern was named only "Bismuth Lantern"
  • Fixed: setting ".clientconfig guiScale" did not properly update all UI
  • Fixed: Sun rising in the south instead of east
  • Fixed: Again fixed /time calendarspeedmul still being saved >.>
  • Fixed: Ported Archimedes screw recipe not in the handbook
  • Fixed: At long last, fixed that the Alt+F3 debug screen disappears when entering and leaving the graphics settings
  • Fixed: Should fix a rare hard server crash in the autosave feature
  • Fixed: Newly spawned creatures were immune to the first attack
  • Fixed: The winter extra hunger drain was applied inversely and way to much (+100% hunger when inside a room. Now +25% when outside a room)
  • Fixed: Temporal stability disabled on wilderness survival worlds O_O
  • Fixed: Many mechanical power bugs should be gone
  • Fixed: Lantern fixes
    • Plain glass lanterns are now craftable
    • All lantern types listed in handbook
    • Handbook help text about Linings
    • Traders are willing to buy either quartz or plain glass lanterns
  • Fixed: Mitigate incorrect arrow collision issues. Should now less likley get stuck when shooting over a block edge.
  • Fixed: Game crashing with minimap enabled on a 32x32 size world
  • Fixed: Snow above lakes in cold areas, killing the client when snow gravity is on
  • Fixed: Controls list in the settings not scrollabe to bottom on gui scale below 7
  • Fixed: Client crash related to the minimap on startup
  • Fixed: % value stats rounding errors in the character dialog
  • Fixed: At long last trader caravan fencing should be correctly rotated now
  • Fixed: Able to ignite creatures by hitting them with extinct torches
  • Fixed: Potential massive lag issues and crashes from the gui system (Technical info: No longer parallel-process image blur, instead its now a single threaded, better optimized algorithm that runs faster than the parallelized one)
  • Fixed: Dropping a spoiled carrot gave the coal layer inside a forge also a rotten overlay
  • Fixed: Color list link in waypoint dialog not working
  • Fixed: Sneaking at the bottom of the lake stopped all player animations
  • Fixed: Reloading a world caused a change in gui scales to no longer updates guis and other not updating issues
  • Fixed: A snow layer in front of a fence which has a stone path under caused a crack into the void
  • Fixed: Environment dialog text cut off on gui scales below 7
  • Fixed: .tfedit crashing when clicking toolrack tab
  • Fixed: Better server side error handling for clients that join with invalid uid/token/playername
  • Fixed: Game crashing when the game fails to save a screenshot. Now it only errors.
  • Fixed: Killed by "prefixandcreature-fox-arcticmale" message and other minor text issues
  • Fixed: Large world connecting/loading delays for some players
  • Fixed: Small tweak to AI Pathfinding to maybe reduce the amount of times where creatures walk back and forth towards a straight line goal
  • Fixed: Crocks destroying meal portions when trying to merge portions
  • Fixed: Mushroom snow coverrage not working properly
  • Fixed: Broken button text on chinese translations
  • Fixed: Typing in chat box caused dialogs to get opened/closed in some cases    
  • Fixed: Should fix a rare crash when leaving a game world
  • Fixed: Should fix ladders not attachable to a solid face of a chiseled block
  • Fixed: Drifters go all sideways when on ladders and other minor animation issues
  • Fixed: Creative rotor in the survival handbook
  • Fixed: A crash related when attempting to render an invalid item (during collectible.GetItemDamageColor())
  • Fixed: clientsettings.json saving spam
  • Fixed: Archimedes screw recipe still borked and crashing the game when looked at in the handbook
  • Fixed: Server side exception thrown during world generation
  • Fixed: Should fix others player stuck in one pose and not animating properly (might break other stuff)
  • Fixed: Should fix a rare issue where killing an animal with a cleaver could kill another creature that is being looked at by another player
  • Fixed: Molybdochalkos plates resmelting into only 1 ingot instead of 2
  • Fixed: Aiming accuracy modifer was applied incorrectly
  • Fixed: When knapping, single disconnected voxels now also fall off
  • Fixed: Some falling blocks emitting too many dust particles
  • Fixed: Work items not remembering their recipe rotation
  • Fixed: Thrown stones not stone typed

API Updates

  • Refactor: BEAnvil.cs cleanup. No longer contains item specific code, through the new interface IAnvilWorkable that code now is located in ItemIngot.cs, ItemIronBloom.cs and ItemWorkItem.cs
  • Refactor: Added Property BlockFacing.Opposite. BlockFacing.GetOpposite() is now obsolete but will stay for a while
  • Refactor: When using UnstableFalling block behavior, the boolean value dustyFall has been replaced with a dustIntensity float value
  • Refactor: CollectibleObject.OnBlockBrokenWith() now has the additional argument "float dropQuantityMultiplier"
  • Refactor: The delegate sapi.Event.BreakBlock now requires the additional argument "ref float dropQuantityMultiplier"
  • Refactor: BlockBehavior.GetDrops(), argument "float dropQuantityMultiplier" is now a "ref"
  • Refactor: CollectibleObject.GetMiningSpeed() now has the additional argument "IPlayer forPlayer"
  • Refactor: Added argument "EnumMergePriority priority" in Collectible.GetMergableQuantity() to fix a rather serious bug. Consequently, also added the same argument to ItemSlot.CanTakeFrom()
  • Refactor: The Transient Block Entity now has a different configuration syntax (basically just encapsulated in another json object). If your blocks use the Transient BE check out assets/survival/blocktypes/plant/mushroom.json for reference
  • Refactor: SQLiteDB is now SQLiteDBConnection
  • Refactor: The character creation dialog is now part of the survival mod
  • Refactor: blockEntity.FromTreeAtributes is now blockEntity.FromTreeAttributes
  • Refactor: Collectible.GetDurability() now used everywhere instead of Collectible.Durability. Allows itemstack specific max durabilities.
  • Refactor: blockEntity.FromAttributes() is now also called in a separate thread on the client side (As before, FromTreeAttributes() is called before Initialize() and you should not read or set blocks in be.FromTreeAttributes() unless Api is set!), and it is now possible that be.OnBlockUnloaded() gets called before be.Initialize(). Please update your mods to account for that.
  • Feature: Added api.World.BlockAccessor.GetWindSpeedAt() and api.Event.OnGetWindSpeed
  • Feature: New block event - Block.OnBeingLookedAt(). Called on client and server when a player looks at a block
  • Feature: New method Block.OnFallOnto() (when a falling block fell on a block)
  • Feature: New client side event "IsPlayerReady". The survival mode subscribes to this event to return false if the character has not been selected yet. Then later calls the new method capi.Network.SendPlayerNowReady(). Consequently removed player.WorldData.DidSelectSkin propery.
  • Feature: Added IServerPlayer.SetRole, .SetModdata, .RemoveModData and .GetModData for convenient per-player mod data storage
  • Tweak: Unlock all 6 smithing recipe layers
  • Tweak: Moved Block.ParticleProperties to Collectible.ParticleProperties. This way items can now also emit particles when held in hands or dropped on the ground
  • Tweak: api.Event.RegisterGameTickListener and similar methods now verify if they are called from the main thread, because they are not thread safe
  • Tweak: Added capi.Render.DefaultFrustumCuller
  • Tweak: The title element in the itemstack info box can now also be rich text
  • Tweak: New server side event: BreakBlock. Can be used to override player block breaking events.
  • Tweak: New server side method: sapi.WorldManager.HasChunk(). Can be used to check if a player currently has given chunk
  • Tweak: The temporal stability system now has a public field for the StormData property
  • Tweak: Added capi.IsSinglePlayer
  • Tweak: Added DiscGenerator.shouldGenDepositHere()
  • Tweak: Marked some methods virtual in ItemProspectingPick.cs
  • Tweak: When developer mode is enabled and the game loads a stereo sound with RelativePosition=false a warning will be printed. These sounds are not distance attenuated
  • Tweak: world.SpawnItemEntity() now returns the spawns item entity
  • Fixed: origins added by the arg --addOrigin lost after world reload
  • Fixed: Potential heavy bug in api.World.AddSingleDelayedCallback causing a server side exception
  • Fixed: Animatable block entity behavior did not properly ease out animations if they were configured to ease out. Also had a weird hardcoded texture reference in it.
  • Fixed: Should fix block.OnNeighbourBlockChange not getting called on the client in some cases. Might break stuff
  • Fixed: Items with only texture code "all" crashed when placed inside a display case
  • Fixed: entity.WatchedAttributes.MarkPathDirty() called server side had a chance to crash the client
  • Fixed: Reloading the world did not clear external asset origins, causing an ever accumulating list of identical origins
  • Fixed: 3D Wearables rendering issues. ItemWearable.cs now warns if a wearable shape defined a texture but no texturesize
  • Fixed: AiTaskManager.StopTask() did not properly stop tasks
  • Fixed: Renamed namespace VintagestoryAPI to Vintagestory.API
  • Fixed: block/item/entity property skipVariants and allowedVariants: All entries defaulted to the game domain
  • Fixed: Game crashing on stuff like "translation text</i>"
  • Fixed: Should fix placing a block not calling OnNeighbourBlockChange on the client side
  • Fixed: Collectible.OnHeldIdle() was not being called for off-hand items
  • Fixed: Hopefully fixes overlay textures ignoring other mod domains
  • Fixed: <font color="grey"> vtml tag crashing the game, now it defaults to black
  • Fixed: <icon> vtml tag rendering at the wrong position
  • Fixed: Render pass always being Opaque in custom models, baked gltf textures not being added to the texture atlas.
  • Fixed: "Entity wearable shape {0} defines textures but not textures sizes, will probably have a broken texture." reported the wrong path

Only the game updates since rc.9 (8 of these changes thats are new since v1.13 are also in above changelog)

  • Feature: when failing to join a server a link to the mod forum boards is displayed. The mod manager now also has a link to the forum
  • Tweak: better sound distribution on fire and coal piles (they no longer start all at the same time when a chunk gets loaded)
  • Tweak: Rough-hewn Fence poles now made of barked branches
  • Tweak: Rough-hewn Fence improved model in inventory
  • Tweak: Eggs and seashells now can be right-clicked to pick up
  • Tweak: Lanterns can now be picked up by right-clicking
  • Tweak: Updated language files
  • Fixed: Should fix some ewes forever milkable
  • Fixed: Player freezing after relogging on a multiplayer server an hour later
  • Fixed: themorning and seraphim tapestry spawning in ruins
  • Fixed: Minor visual glitch with water foam
  • Fixed: Missing spawnradius config translation entry
  • Fixed: Commoner gloves going into the arm slot instead of hand slot
  • Fixed: Might fix a rare server side crash related to the weather system
  • Fixed: Should fix a rare issue where a chunk gets rendered twice and z-fighting happens all over the place
  • Fixed: alt+f2 or .reload textures broke seraph character customizations
  • Fixed: Breaking a block beneath a mushroom crashing the game
  • Fixed: Bismuth Bronze Lantern was named only "Bismuth Lantern"
  • Fixed: Meteoric Iron scale armor leggings recipe was borked in rc9
  • Fixed: Cooked cattails can no longer be made into stews, soup nor added to porridge
  • Fixed: Rot in Barrel GUI labelled correctly and has new fullness meter texture
  • Fixed: Properly fixed rendering issue of rot in pot in firepit when ssao is enabled
  • Fixed: Frost overlay incorrectly loaded depending on the previously loaded world
  • Fixed: Several issues related to moving meals between crocks and pots
  • Api fixed: "Entity wearable shape {0} defines textures but not textures sizes, will probably have a broken texture." reported the wrong path

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