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Choose your favorite theme for v1.15! Gasp!


v1.15 Main theme  

1,085 members have voted

  1. 1. What would you like to be the main theme of the upcoming version?

    • The Ocean update (fish, fishing, boats, oceans)
    • The Lovecraftian update (giant creatures, the first main story event, alchemy, richer ruins)
    • The Combat update (shields, improved visual feedback, ranged mobs, tool/armor repair)
    • The Homesteading update (fruit trees, alcohol, improved meals, more animals, more crops, birds, animal leashes, pies!)
    • The Industrialization update (water wheel, low tech windmill, brick kiln, firepit overhaul, elevators?, more mechanical power blocks, conveyor belts, etc.)

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Dear Community,

now as v1.14 is around the corner its time to decide what we'd like to do in v1.15. What is your favorite pick?

Disclaimer: Poll results are no guarantee that all of the advertised features will be in v1.15. The VS Team still reserve the rights to make the final decision on what to add next. That being said, community poll results usually have strong weight.

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Just now, Valentin Popescu said:

I think that while I like the industrialisation the most, I would love fish to be in as soon as possible :) although wasn't that on a previous questionnaire ? and it won by a huge margin ?

I do believe that is the exact reason why it's even an option on this one ^^

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  • Tyron changed the title to Choose your favorite theme for v1.15! Gasp!
  • fish, fishing, boats, oceans would be nice, but this doesn't really add much in the way of new things to do. It's more like alternative option to things that already exist.
    (Side Grade)
  • Giant creatures, the first main story event, alchemy, richer ruins is very exciting and definitely adds more things that don't already have alternatives to the game.
    (Game Expansion)
  • Shields, improved visual feedback, ranged mobs, tool/armor repair is needed at some point but will have a bigger impact the more mobs that are in the game.
    (Controversial Combat)
  • Fruit trees, alcohol, improved meals, more animals, more crops, birds, animal leashes, pies addresses many common request for quality of life improvements. I've seen several requests for fruit trees, meal improvements, and ways to transport animals.
    (QoL Improvements)
  • Water wheel, low tech windmill, brick kiln, firepit overhaul, elevators?, more mechanical power blocks, conveyor belts, etc. This will be a popular choice because there are a lot of gear heads out there. However, mechanical stuff provides solutions to remove tedious tasks from the game like hammering blooms and grinding. While there are certainly still tedious tasks in VS I don't think this will address most of those and instead add complexity to already existing mechanics.
    (Gearhead Magnet)
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I'm going with Industrialization purely out of the hope that we can get functional, realistic elevators because I've been wanting that from a game like this for almost a decade. And because my most recent world spawned next to a beautiful mountain range. The rest would be nice too, but that's what I really want.

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While I dither around indecisively over what to vote for, let me sum up my thoughts on the individual options...

  • Fish, fishing, boats, oceans: Boats are nice. I could use a boat to travel across large bodies of water. The rest? Eh. It can wait. I'm not one of the people pining for fishing. I find it boring in every survival game. In Minecraft specifically, the only reason I ever bother with it is because it can give you Mending books. Unless Vintage Story adds a completely unique, super-attractive bonus loot to fishing, I will never touch it. If Vintage Story does add this, I will moan about having to do it to get the cool stuff every step of the way. :P SUMMARY for Ocean update: Boats are nice I guess.
  • Giant creatures, the first main story event, alchemy, richer ruins: The idealistic part of me wants more story and ruin content. The realistic part of me remarks that this is probably because I have never found a single piece of story content in all my 150+ hours of playing VS, despite repeatedly receiving tips and tricks on how to find them. So these additions will likely do nothing for me personally. Alchemy, meanwhile? That could be really interesting, especially if it gets broadly integrated into the flow of gameplay. As in, various recipes start requiring alchemical products where this makes sense. If it ends up as a separate system that just makes something new on the side, like the potion brewing system in Minecraft, that would be less interesting. As for giant creatures - I kind of feel like they might work better after a combat update. SUMMARY for Lovecraftian update: Alchemy yes please.
  • Shields, improved visual feedback, ranged mobs, tool/armor repair: Combat as a whole could benefit greatly from a rework, and there are great threads already here on the forums that go into way more detail than I could hope to, so I'll leave it to them to explain. But that does make the combat update idea very interesting for me. I don't even need the repair stuff, or shields, or ranged mobs... if melee combat becomes more responsive, precise, and mechanically consistent between weapons, that would aleady be a huge win. SUMMARY for combat update: Very yes, especially the improving current mechanics part.
  • Fruit trees, alcohol, improved meals, more animals, more crops, birds, animal leashes, pies: I read across this list and thought to myself, all of this is sorta nice to have at some point, but do we actually need it right now? Homesteading already works okay. There can always be more, true, but there are areas of the game that would benefit far more from development time. The one thing that piqued my interest were animal leashes, until I realized that you can't really go out and leash wild animals, realistically. This is probably something for domesticated critters. Which again makes it nice at some point, but not needed right now. Needed would be a more interesting and believable way of initially capturing wild animals... you know, other than punching them in the face and legging it towards the future stable, hoping they chase you all the way there. ;) SUMMARY for homesteading update: better delivered in a future version.
  • Water wheel, low tech windmill, brick kiln, firepit overhaul, elevators, more mechanical power blocks, conveyor belts, etc: Again, most of this list ticks the 'nice to have but not really needed' box... except for two things. Brick kiln and firepit rework. Oh, I so want a firepit rework. The way it currently works leads to such weird and exploitative ways of trying to optimize it. Like, if I want to cook a bunch of bushmeat, or a stack of fire bricks for bloomeries, then I will make four firepits, heat the initial stack up in one of them, wait until it has the target temperature and starts processing, pick up the stack and put it in my inventory, prime the other three firepits with a single stick so their temperature is above 'cold', then drop single items from the stack in each firepit and wait for them to process, adding another single item each when the first ones have finished processing. The stack in my inventory maintains its temperature for a good long time, and the firepits don't need to be on, only above 'cold' which can be maintained with single sticks or grass bushels every now and then. It's silly, unimmersive, and mind-numbingly boring, but lets me cut both fuel costs and processing time by like 90% each. That's how badly the firepit needs a rework. If I could get just that rework and nothing else, and the resulting mechanics were believable and non-exploitable, I would already be so happy. If I could also get a kiln that lets me fire large amounts of ceramics at once? Now that's heading into spoiling territory. SUMMARY for industrialization update: nevermind the industrialization, I'm just here for the firepit rework! Firepit rework! Firepit rework! (chanting)

So, yeah. Currently unable to decide between voting for Lovecraftian (for alchemy), Combat (for the melee rework), or Industrialization (for the firepit rework). Leaning slightly towards firepit rework. Will spend some more time considering.


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33 minutes ago, Aledark said:

@TyronHomesteading update would it include possibly mount?

Not saying it will definitely lead to a mount but it is the only option that promises more animals.

29 minutes ago, David Ranseen said:

I'm torn between "homesteading" and "lovecraftian", but i'm going to go with homesteading.

I agree. Everything in the lovecraftian update sounds amazing but transportation of livestock and possible mountable animals is sorely needed.

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1 hour ago, Stroam said:

You play almost exclusively single player don't you?

Not just almost, but entirely singleplayer, yes. I'm the kind of person who would play multiplayer with people I know, but not jump on public servers. Sadly, none of my regular gaming friends has shown much interest in Vintage Story (yet?).

And I'm sure my points of view are not universal, even if some others identify with them. Everyone's mileage varies, and that's okay :)


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