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food storage/root cellar multiplier bug


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I recently started a new survival world and noticed something was off with the storage multipliers in the root cellar.  I have a single chest for storing meats/berries and use storage vessels for my vegetables and grains.  When I enter my root cellar my stored crocks on my shelves will show a multiplier of .54 as well as my storage vessels but my chest shows a multiplier of .29.  When I look at the chest and back at the vessels/shelved crocks it changes to the desired multiplier of .29.  The issue with this is that if I do not look at the chest in my root cellar and back at the vessels/shelved crocks their multiplier remains .54 causing the food to spoil twice as fast.  I also noticed that if I do not look at the chest itself while in my root cellar the higher multiplier also applies to the chest and everything else in the cellar.  Because of this my meats and berries spoiled twice as fast as they should have and I lost quite a bit of my food stocks as I usually wait until they have a day left before cooking them up.  I do this to ensure I get the maximum duration for all my sealed crocks and because it takes a while to hunt for enough meats while I let my livestock reproduce.  Now I have lost 4 days worth of hunted meats and gathered berries because they spoiled after only 2 days.  Not sure if anyone is aware of this bug so here it is.  Hope to see this resolved quickly as it is a very important part of the survival game, especially when sealed crocks stored on shelves will lose up to 75 days worth of longevity when this bug occurs.

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I have the same issue in version 1.14.8(stable) no mods

There is issue with inconsistent spoilage through cellar. jumping from 0.26 to 0.46 for no apparent reason. when container with 0.46 is picked up and placed in this same spot spoilage rate resets to 0.26
-outside temperature is below 6 degrees (issue appeared all year no matter time of day)
-there are 3 shelfs next to eachother, two show 0.26 one 0.46

-cellar is close to chunk border (around 3 blocks but is located completly inside
-chests seem to update to correct spoilage speed after you open them. You cannot update shelfs without destroying them and they seem to oscylate betwen those two spoilage speeds randomly.

I bought and played this game for a week really loving all aspects of it but that issue wont allow me survive throught winter and ruins everything i worked on :(

Found this bug reported:
If any additional info/testing is needed I'm happy to help

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