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Texture issue?


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Sometimes all you need to do is sleep on it and take a look later. The culprit was within the block files for my stairs:

sideopaqueByType	: {
		"*-up-north-*": { all:false, down:true, north: true },
		"*-up-west-*": { all:false, down:true, west: true },
		"*-up-south-*": { all:false, down:true, south: true },
		"*-up-east-*": { all:false, down:true, east: true },

Removing the 'north/west/south/east: true' bits made it look normal. I thought this was the case last night, but I only removed one of them when I guess I should have removed them all.

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I'm glad your having better luck figuring your issues out. 

I'm having tons of trouble lol, mainly all the barrel recipes except brine and my sand to clay have stopped working with no real reason that I can see. I never touched any of the recipes, I didn't touch any of the items related to them as far as I know and brine still works but all the others stopped working and I can't for the life of me figure it out.

I have a few other problems like my custom leaves with a nest instead of branches doesn't have the texture for whatever reason but when I go in creative and spawn them in, place them down, go into survival and break them they drop random loot like they are supposed to.  random saplings from other trees (besides the the leaves they belong to),  flax fibers, dry grass, chance of extra stick, rusty gear and even a low chance to drop a temporal gear.  will add a few nuggets of ores later but the loot drops seem to work. they are rare and random so that works.

I still haven't gotten an interface for the stove or workbench yet but I'm just going to leave them as craftable decorative blocks making a UI and stuff is beyond me lol

I made a new barrel recipe that adds a claywater of each type of clay that I can't get to work.  I looked at the recipe and unless I have something wrong with the type modifier to make the output of claywater be the same as the type of clay used to make it is wrong, I think it's right but I can't tell because none of the barrel recipes are working except the brine recipe and the sand to clay recipe that outputs clay of the same type of sand used in the barrel.

I've been fighting with it for I think 3 days maybe 4 now and I just can't figure it out lol.

everything else is working though, custom tree is growing and spawns naturally clay deposits of each type spawn naturally, custom crops that put nutrients into the soil instead of taking them out are working and spawn naturally (those are eventually going to drain 1 nutrient and add a different one), the custom berry bushes are spawning and growing naturally. the knapping recipe for a flint and obsidian sawblade are working. pretty much everything but barrel recipes including vanilla ones for whatever reason with those two exceptions and some textures for things like meals made using the new crops and leaves with nest in it.

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