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Barrel portions issue


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Okay maybe I'm missing something but I can soak 5 small hides with 10l lime water and it seals.

Now a large hide need 6l lime water. It wont seal with 10L lime water, I guess because it's not 6. I can't do 10 pelts because the barrel wont hold 60l. So how are you supposed to get the exact amount when the barrel only takes increments of 10l water.

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7 hours ago, l33tmaan said:

Ctrl+click will dump out a single liter of water instead of 10.

Thank you.That worked. I'll have to remember to try Ctrl when something isn't working.


2 hours ago, Allen said:

It should seal as long as you have the necessary amount of limewater. I never use exact amounts for my leatherworking and haven't had any problems.


Weird. It wont seal for me unless it matches the exact recipe or multiples of the exact recipe. But thankfully L33tman had the way to use just one liter at a time.

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