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vOS Hotfix (v1.5.1.1)


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Version, a testing release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

Should clear up most issues observed in 1.5.1. Next version will probably be a stable release \o/


Full game updates list

  • Tweak: Added black bronze anvil
  • Tweak: Added support for ambient occlusion for json models. This now produces smooth light attenuation on plaster blocks, but might cause other issues. Might need to specifically disable AO on some blocks.
  • Tweak: Rock now requires mining tier 2 (copper) to break (there was no stone pick in the first place...)
  • Tweak: Added some debug logging to track down a crash issue while crafting observed by @MarcAFK
  • Fixed: Pumpkin Crop!
    • Fixed: Crop never indicating when it is done growing. It now has a withered stage
    • Fixed: Vines deleting themselves upon chunk reload
    • Fixed: Vines not fully respecting the game calendar (fast forward to the future should make the crop instantly mature)
  • Fixed: Added missing recipe for scythehead + stick = scythe
  • Fixed: Chests no longer craftable
  • Fixed: Chest in creative inventory facing the wrong direction, fixed stairs not in construction tab.
  • Fixed: Black bronze axe not having extra attack damage
  • Fixed: Prevent a crash during clay forming
  • Fixed: Placing blocks not possible at all when standing above max world height
  • Fixed: (Attempted fix) Issues with basalt forming underwater where it shouldn't
  • Fixed: Planter eating cattail roots when right clicked
  • Fixed: Many fixes related to the GUI Updates (incorrect overlapping of individualual elements, open/close behavior of the chat hud not properly working, some dialogs not properly focusing)
  • Fixed: Flint ore block not dropping itself when surrounded by air
  • Fixed: Many blocks (firepit, forge, ingot mold, etc.) not unregistering their game tick listeners, causing a long running server to slowly but eventually lag to death and possibly other odd behaviors.

API Updates

  • Tweak: Renamed several API methods to something more meaningful
  • Tweak: The Ladder behavior can now also be applied to other blocks (I hope!)
  • Tweak: Asset manager now logs the filepaths of external origins, if present
  • Fixed: tree.MarkPathDirty() crashing the client if the path does not exist server side, but does exist client side. Now the client will delete the path instead. 
  • Fixed: clientworld.AllOnlinePlayers should now no longer contain unloaded players and have all the data for already online players

Other Updates

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