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Root Cellar

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Hi all


I am having no luck making a root cellar. no matter how big/small shallow/deep, my meal in my crock shows as expired in 12 days. I have even tried fully enclosed myself in a 4x4 cobblestone square underground with no light no door etc, just a small room with a shelf, still the same expiry.

I really dont understand why it isnt working and would appreciate if someone could explain.



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Welcome to the forums :)

A cellar only slows down food spoiling, it doesn't halt it entirely. And while the food is not in the cellar, it spoils faster. This lost time is not restored or refreshed by the cellar in any way. It only improves what time is left.

Example: let's say a food item spoils in ten days. You wait for eight days, meaning it has two days left. Then you put it somewhere that quadruples the longevity of food. It had two days left, so after that time quadruples, it will now spoil in eight days. It will not return to the initial ten day time, and it will not go to fourty days either. Only if you put an entirely fresh food item into that storage immediately, it will last fourty days.

If you mouse over your shelf with block info turned on (press B to toggle it), then you should see the spoil time multiplier in the info window at the top of the screen. Can you tell us what it reads?


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Thank you for the welcome.

My food wasnt freshly cooked and had been around about four days so I totally get the point about storing fresh food.

However, my shelf spoil rate is 0.26x

I watched a youtuber who built a cellar and was getting over a year for a sealed crock. I havent got materials for a fresh pot to test right now but 0.26x sounds just like a normal room still



I tested with a totally freshly cooked and sealed crock, 2.1 years expiry, it was my meal i had left on the window sill in a bowl for a week that was the problem, who wouldve thought ..... :)


Thanks for your help


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my cellar slows the rate down to 0.19 in the back and near the ladder to 0.2.

how much the rate slows down seems to depend on the y level of the container, i was able to see the rate drop the deeper i made the cellar (in 1.13.4).

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