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FXAA and Water fun


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  • Added Vsync Toggle to Graphics Settings
  • Improved Water swimming physics and added a swimming sound
  • Added a water splash sound water particles, both appear when the player jump into the water or drops an item in the water
  • Added FXAA (Fast Approximate Antialias) that results in smoother edges which looks nicer
  • Mostly finished the block entity system - the game now has a working basic chest where you can right click to get/retrieve items. Next step is to add a GUI
  • Many, many bugfixes


I'm doing some more updates on water and once these are done I'll record a short video showcasing all the water updates. You can expect to see it in the next news entry! In the mean time, have a look at some neatly anti aliased terrain! 😉

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/ASLAw

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