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Oil and Natural Gas age

Cameron Textor

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A oil and natural gas age should be added where oil and natural gas could be extracted from the ground and used to power machines, burn for heat, burn to power a steam or combustion engine etc.

Perhaps the best way to do this would be to use a pipe system for transporting fluids similar to buildcraft and to make multiblock engineering similar to immersive engineering and immersive petromium where a derrick would be built from a multi block assembly like the steel furnace over a high oil or gas bearing chunk like in immersive petroleum to make the oil derrick (the oil drilling tower, the pump jack is the thing that extracts the oil from a drilled well that looks like a up and down bobbing horse head) drill the hole and then a pump jack would be built from multiblocks to extract the oil itself from the newly drilled well.

eventually the oil and gas age should reach the point where you could drill horizontally and frack the ground.

the following videos explain how oil and gas wells are drilled and made In real life.



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On 1/3/2021 at 1:40 AM, Hal13 said:

afaik steam age (maybe a bit more steam fantasy or steam punk) is the intended end game technology for vanilla VS, combustion engines seem to be too advanced and might need modders to take them on.

I agree that combustion engines, gas and oil are too advanced for this type of game

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