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On Multiplayer breaking a block releases the mouse.

tony Liberatto

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It happens intermittently, I could not figure a way to reproduce it on demand.

I have dual monitor on a Nvidia 1050ti with windows 10 pro and latest Nvidia drivers.

Sometimes when playing on the official server, upon breaking a block like dirt or stone when mining, the game will release my mouse and I have to press Escape to return it to the game.

I play in windowed mode because I usually have the forum and discord open on the second monitor. 

I do not believe there is any log for that, but I can upload the logs if they are needed.


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Right now I have only observed when breaking blocks, It has happened more than once per game session. When it happens it will last for some time and them stops. Let's say 30 seconds, less than a minute.

Have not noticed while eating.

I will pay attention and try different things next time it happens.

I believe this is the hardest kind of bug. Intermittent.

I do not discount the possibility of something on my end.

Maybe something else on my end is highjacking all the processor or Memory and the game cannot process the information correctly.

I just posted to see with someone else was having the same issue.


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