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From wensleydale, to hot drinks, These are a few things I would like to see in game

Joseph Fowler

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As I have played this game ive noticed that just about everything I feel should be added is already on its way, For example, I Know that fishing and large animals are already on there way because of the presence of bass and huge pelts in the creative inventory. I would have also suggest more lovecraftian based monsters, but due to the fact that more enemies have been added as of recent, Im quite sure that in the future the game will feature something taller than me. Essentially when ever i play this game I think of things the game needs, but then I quickly realize that their on their way.

So here are some things that I would like in this game that don't seem to be on their way yet.

1. Wensleydale cheese. This is a big one, and Im honestly surprised it was not added with the other cheeses, Its a historical cheese from the 1150s that was originally made from sheep milk and is often filled with cranberries. Two things that already exist within the game. I feel like it would be a nice addition, along with the fact that its incorporating both dairy and fruit in the same dish. 

2. Hot drinks. one thing I really like about this game is how foods emit steam when they are nice and hot. I personally like sipping a hot drink in the morning on a cold day, so why not add hot drinks. I feel like being able to brew teas in the pre existing pot would be a nice touch. Also having small scale fluid containers would be very useful for some one who only wants to remove small amounts of fluid from barrels. 

3. being able to see the chicken chunks in chicken soup. I was a little disapointed that my ultimate chicken soup did not have any chicken chunks in it. 

4. more drifter variety, in regards to size, Or just more enemy diversity. The introduction of new locust types was very cool (I especially like how the bell has its eye inside the bell), any way, the drifters are a really cool enemy, but their a little short. YES THEY ARE EXTREMLY TERRIFING IN THE CAVES where they can get through every nook and cranny to reach you, but the surface is a different story. There short. There stature works very well when it gives them the upper hand, but on the surface they really are not as intimidating. IM a person who knows his monsters, and the most intimidating ones are the kinds who are at eye level or taller than the player. How can the beast with the uncanny hole where the face should be strike fear if i cant gaze inside of its noggin. My point is that I feel that either  A. their should be taller varients of the drifters that roam the surface.  B. The drifters should be taller and lankier so they have a tall intimidating stature, but they can also crawl on all fours to reach the player through 1 block gaps so cave encounters are still hard to escape. C. there should be other enemies that accompany the drifters on the surface. At the end of the day this is only my opinion. I am Ok with the short critters, but I personally find taller creatures, who can sense me from a distance, more intimidating than shorter ones.

5. Water fowl. I like ducks, and they would make the ponds and lakes feel more alive and beautiful. along with having a new edition to farms.

Conclusion, At the end of the day these are all just suggestions, maybe they are already planned, maybe not. Either way I will still continue to enjoy the game regardless of if these things are added, Its just that great. Me suggesting these features just shows how much I appreciate it and want to be part of its community.




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On 1/13/2021 at 6:16 AM, Joseph Fowler said:

Also wolves should attack baby animals such as lambs and piglets, i dont understand why a wolf would eat a chicken, but not a piglet.

They don't? i think they attack adult pigs, sheep and rabbits (and i think not even racoons and foxes are safe), at least that's what the carcasses I sometimes find tell me.


Other than that i like the ideas 1, 2 and 5 the most.


Warm/hot drinks could help keeping oneself warm in the cold, maybe as long as it has more than 40°C you get 1° body temperature back if you are under 35°C? And maybe if your body temperature is over 40°C drinking a cold/lukewarm portion of water/tea/whatelse could lower it by 1°? That way you'd not have to implement thirst but could emulate something similar, i mean we already have mechanics that change body temperature.

And maybe other fluids could become scoopable with the bowl, like honey is? that way you'd have a way to transfer 0,25l increments and it shouldn't be too complicated to add this. the way it looks the watering can, might make a nice tea pot too.

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