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  1. Ive been searching for a while now and i really just want to find bees
  2. Thats one thing i can agree on. Although i do love stardew valley, the animals dont have any Ai or special care requirments. In VS, i not only have to domesticate my animals over the generations, but i also get to see how my animals become more tame, My gen 4 hens dont flee from me when im 4 blocks away. The animal behavior is very advanced, and every animal is kinda different. The boar i lured into a pit on day one has never attacked me, but many wild ones try to kill me on the spot. I have to closely manage my sheep to make sure they are eating enough so they can breed, while also trying not
  3. Don't forget commoners, Their perk is that they have any downsides.
  4. personally I like that 1.15 is going to focus on homesteading. Its going to provide quality of life improvements to the already strong parts of the game, along with fleshing out the eco systems of the world. Ive never had any issues with the biome diversity, but ive had minor issues with how biomes that should be abundant with wild life are barren. I honestly cant wait for the bird flocks. I feel like 1.16 should focus more on the lovecraftian aspect. The combat update should either come with it, or come after it, for there is no reason to add on to it when the world only contains 2 monst
  5. Just wondering, i saw the poll and then realized it had been months since then.
  6. Ok this is very helpful. I will consider making a few traps around the forest so I dont get killed by the wolves. I actually discovered that they climb fast becasue during my first encounter, i decided to stand my ground with a sword becasue, I had the high ground. Having the high ground means nothing
  7. I feel like I can never enter the forest anymore, they come out of nowhere and they swarm me. Unlike the standard experience, My playthrough started in the middle of a large plain with small shrubs, that borders sandy granite and sandstone canyons, essentially I had not been aquainted with the wolves until the mid to late copper age. Now i really want bees, but the wolves prevent me from entering the forest. Is there any way I can get bees without the risk of wolves, or is there an easier way to deal with them.
  8. Also wolves should attack baby animals such as lambs and piglets, i dont understand why a wolf would eat a chicken, but not a piglet.
  9. Honestly I dont see anything wrong with the seasons, Ive played through an entire in game year now and my only complain is that spring and summer are practically identical visually. Spring could either use more color, or go for the muddy, wet, and misty look. Also the game is inspired by some horror games like silent hill, so the colorless, vintage anestetic fits the tone of a broken world better. Also when it comes to the livelness of the world, i feel like the dynamic animal behavior makes the world feel alive. This isnt minecraft, that pig isnt just going to sit there and humor you as you s
  10. I think the Bell locust is very well done. I love how its eye is inside the bell so it has to stop and balance so it can view its surroundings, Also I like the tiny underdeveloped legs that occasionally twitch on its body. i also love the realistic noises it makes when it hops around.
  11. In all honesty, I think the drifters have a lot of potential. In my opinion, they just need to be a bit taller so they can accurately stare into the players soul with there empty socket for a face. As of now they are the most dynamic monster I have seen in a game, for throwing a rock "could make them leave", but it dose not always work. one moment they could be mercilessly attacking you, and the next you can be mercilessly slaughtering them. I do agree that as of right now they feel like pest, but some day, this game will have some giant monsters.
  12. This is the only game that has made me appreciate doors.
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