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Knife Knapping 1.0.0: Buy Two, Get One Free!

Jobediah Timberman

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This is just a very simple mod that replaces the Knife Knapping recipes. I discovered that if you fit two of them in opposite directions, they're the perfect size that the blades can be separated, and then there's just enough room to fit a third blade.

Now I find it far less frustrating if the stone knives feel a bit too weak, since early game involves so many of them. But to get an extra one helps a lot, because if you're not knapping knives so often, having to knap other tools won't feel as much of an interruption. Now you can use all that time you save on knapping for napping. 



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I'd like to make some changes to other tool heads, but I don't know how. One of the main things would be to remove the working edge from each, since that's the main point of knapping: giving the materials a "business end".

I noticed you could get two hoe heads from one flint/stone, going by the way they're shaped now. I'd even make the top narrow part nine squares big instead of three, and put a hole in the center for the handle(which would go more-or-less at 90 degrees to the head). And of course, knap the bottom edge.

For the shovel, I'd let it be as wide as possible - no bothering with the sides, just the bottom edge and top corners, and maybe a center notch for the handle.

Finally, I think the spear head is oversized. You should be able to get two from each go.

Maybe these changes would merit an adjustment to generation parameters, too, to make flint just a bit less abundant, for balance.

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