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  1. So I worked out how to do it - the shovel requires fewer strikes to complete, though it looks a bit funny with how wide it is. I now get two(IMO more reasonably sized) spearheads, two hoe heads, and two axe heads from one knap/respective material piece each.
  2. "Herbs are added to world generation and can be harvested like berry bushes. They can be put into porridge, soup, and stews and give health upon eating. " I'm not finding this to be true. They'll go in and cook well enough, but the satiety ratings don't show up in the finished product mouse-over description like the other ingredients. A stew with two red meat and two mushrooms shows 840 satiety from meant and 240 from vegetables. Two red meat, one mushroom, and a marjoram shows 840 from meat and 120 from vegetable...
  3. Also, I've been back-and-forth between topics, so I don't want my above reply about nails^^ to get lost in the shuffle. I should've waited for an answer to one before submitting the next...
  4. Perhaps my lack of familiarity with the mechanics owes to my thinking here, but ideas like troughs with hoppers for continuous automatic feeding enter my mind. I can see what you mean vz. being on a leash to animal husbandry, otherwise.
  5. Well, the Cache folder is empty, and there's definitely only one installation of this mod. Per my edit^^, I'm going to reinstall and see what happens.
  6. I'm getting this in my server-event logfile: [Error] Block with code necessaries : grindstone has defined a block class grindstone, no such class registered. Will ignore. And the recipe comes up blank - no grid with ingredients, just the handbook entry with the texture/pic and sprite. I'm going to try a re-install.
  7. Physically, yes but the stack size of the rope would need to be increased. Where to find the stack size entry then, to change it?
  8. I'm not sure what you mean about plant torches and lack of mineral dyes. I'm just talking about replacing the plants with mineral nuggets, again, as with the green torch using malachite. The only drawback - and perhaps this is what you meant, is that all colors may not have correlate minerals found in-game(I haven't researched them yet). That said, I've tried to make a green torch - with the torch in the bottom left corner, and the malachite next to it on the left(bottom center), but it's not crafting for some reason.
  9. I realize it's superfluous to mention the forge having contents, since(at least part of) the reason for making the mod is so you can carry things that have items in them.
  10. Regarding my above comment about the windows, it occurs to me that perhaps they're not meant to be insulating. I'm still unclear on some of the mechanics of the game like interior temperature, since only outside and body temperatures are displayed. Maybe I'll try them - and like them.
  11. The carry function doesn't seem to apply to the quern - at least not when it has any contents. Is this correct?
  12. Did I just miss it, or has no one mentioned that nails included in this mod which don't seem to correlate with any use in-game? I'm getting some ideas, and I don't quite know how to implement them - one of them being how to get 10 nails out of the mold rather than six(by modifying the recipe), though the texture doesn't reflect it, and I haven't actually tried casting them to see if it works. At any rate, there's at least one other recipe so far that I'd like to try to include nails in, but i'm brand new to modding VS, and I'm not entirely clear on the language. Going to experiment a bit to
  13. Granted, I'm spitballing, but a trough with a hopper - for continuous dispensing of feed, comes to mind. I know 2% of what it takes to mods, not to mention program, so it may be a pipe dream. I see where you're coming from though, vz. being on a leash to animal husbandry.
  14. I'd like to make some changes to other tool heads, but I don't know how. One of the main things would be to remove the working edge from each, since that's the main point of knapping: giving the materials a "business end". I noticed you could get two hoe heads from one flint/stone, going by the way they're shaped now. I'd even make the top narrow part nine squares big instead of three, and put a hole in the center for the handle(which would go more-or-less at 90 degrees to the head). And of course, knap the bottom edge. For the shovel, I'd let it be as wide as possible - no bothering wit
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