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Resin Renaissance 1.0.0 (aka Soy-Sauce Seance): Soy+Resin+Peat Candles, Waterproof Torches, Soybean Oil for Mechanics

Jobediah Timberman

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Imagine my surprise when I went looking for real-life wilderness survival recipes to use Peat and Pine Resin to make candles. The result was a candle made of Soybean Oil, scented like Pine and Peat. Reality for the win. 

So one part of Resin Renaissance is that you can crush Soybeans into Soybean Oil. This can be done either by Crafting them with a Hammer, or Grinding them in a Quern. For now, the Soybean Oil icon is a golden droplet of oil, because I wasn't sure what container to use to hold the oil, or how to handle taking it out of the Quern with a container. For now this should work without any issues aside from logic of holding a giant droplet. And munching on it. 

Soybean Oil can be used as a replacement for Animal Fat in all Mechanical recipes. The second use for it of course is mixing Soy, Resin, and Peat with Rope to make standard Candles. 

You can also put Resin onto a couple of Torches, and the resin will waterproof them. You get two per unit of Resin, which allows you to put a waterproof torch onto the Pine Tree you got the Resin from, and keep one for to take with you. Or just mark the map, but it is a pretty cool sight to see a forest lit up with Resin trees. I felt that as a compromise to their waterproof powers, the color of the Resin Torch's light should be more of a reddish hue.

Finally, you can also mix Peat and Resin into a Bowl to get a standard Oil Lamp, also avoiding the need for Animal Fat.

And last of all, I also wanted to be able to re-light a dead torch, so there's a recipe to craft a dead and lit torch together to get 2 lit ones. 



(second candle is a dumb duplicate that won't go away)

Soybean Oil to replace Animal Fat in Mechanical parts:




Again, if you like the font in these screenshots as much as I do, you can install it in the game yourself fairly easily:


You can find this font I'm using ("Albertus Medium") for free at https://best-font.com/font-download/download-albertus-medium-font.html

Just download and open the TTF file like any document, and Windows Font Viewer has an Install button at the top. 

Then you'll have to open your VintageStoryData folder and edit "clientsettings.json", which should be reachable using the magic path "%APPDATA%\VintagestoryData\" instead of C:\ as usual. 

You can also just go to Start -> Run, and type in "notepad %APPDATA%\VintagestoryData\clientsettings.json", without quotes.

Scroll all the way down to line 500, or just press Ctrl+F to Find "font". Change the value of "defaultFontName" to "Albertus Medium" and close and save. 

You should shut down the game before doing this, otherwise your changes will be overwritten. Probably should have told you that first. 

And as I mentioned in my first post, I'm posting all of the mods I've made in the past 2 months all at once, as a way of celebrating my mother's upcoming birthday. If what I've posted so far doesn't feel like a holiday yet, I've got one pretty big mod that I'm fairly certain everyone will be excited about. We all know what happens to a game as a result of hype, so I won't hype it up too much, or for too long. But I will say it's definitely worth hyping up. 

I mean, I had to draw a "map" just to tell people how to understand it. I've had this map sitting on my third monitor for weeks so I can adjust and perfect it. I'm just in awe of what this game's engine is capable of, that allowed me to create something so awesome. 

I just today found and fixed an issue I almost caused, so I'll do another few double-checks. It's about ready now, so probably tomorrow at the latest. I don't have a sleep schedule anymore because of PTSD and other issues, so I never know when I'll be sleeping. Might happen any ZZZzzzzzzzzz.....

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Nope, I forgot to mention that. Since Resin is a valuable resource it makes sense for it to be able to give all these benefits. So Resin Torches are both waterproof ("rainpermeable: false") and no longer become burned out (removed "transientProps" attribute).

I could set it to a much longer length of inGameHours to be fair, but then you'd forget about it after 2 weeks and probably lose it. But if a candle can last forever in this world, so can a torch that's been enhanced with a rare resource. 

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Sunset, over the mountains
From ends come new beginnings, on the horizon
Houses, make up the patterns
And I can see my doorway in the distance

I'm coming home
This time I know where i belong


Waking, into the moment
The journey neverending as the days go by
Seasons, constantly changing
And I surrender to my fragile existence

I'm letting go
I'm finding space within my soul

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