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Big paintings / stained glass ?


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I wonder how to create big stained glass / painting for church or cathedral. To create something like this:

How to create detailed painting ? => use microchiseling and mix several block different colors, and use chiseling to select color of every "pixel".

Where to get some usable color palette ? => Polished rocks offer very bad color palette. Creative blocks (64 colors - 32dark/32light + 16 B&W) are much better. And it is possible to chisel creative blocks (in 1.14.7).  (It's not possible to microchisel glass blocks unfortunately. Moreover color palette of glass blocks is limited.)

How to give creative blocks to survival player? => Special mod with new crafting recipes (e.g. granite block + cinnabar => 8 red creative blocks; granite block + lapis => 8 blue creative blocks; granite block + cinnabar + lapis => 8 purple creative blocks; granite block + cinnabar + 2x lapis => 8 purple (more blue) creative blocks; granite block + cinnabar + lapis + coal => 8 dark purple creative blocks; etc. etc.  80 recipes in sum).

How to convert any chosen image to my VS palette for microchiseling ? => Use Photoshop.
1.Create special color palette (swatch) including all VS creative blocks colors (64 colors + 16 B&W).
2.Open image. Resize image to needed resolution (for example: I want image portrait orientation to cover 5 x 7 blocks and use microchiseling with 16 "pixels" per block => I need image 80*112 pixels; probably use some bicubic transformation).
3.Convert image to Indexed colors. Use created VS colors palette.

I think it's important to choose suitable image with less subtle color transitions, with simple colors and low details. Otherways the conversion may not happen very well. And some try and error process will be necessary.

What do you think? Any thoughs? Experiences? 

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