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Chisel features update


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Chiseling in Vintage Story is one of the main in-built game features, but working with blocks and microblocking smth. is sometime really uncomfortable. Here's somIdeas, that must remove problems and add some REALLLNOVATIVE experience never seen before:

1. First of all, make it possible to make any block back to normal. Lots and lots of blocks have been utilized because of missclicking. And the main problem is that chiseled blocks don't stack with normal EVEN if they are not changed at all. Adding this function will inspire respect for you from any microblocker

2. Make it possible to add 2 states to microblocked structures, that can be changed by RMB clicks. It allows to create hand-made masterpiece doors, chests, furniture etc. It Would be even better, if you could connect 2 or maybe more chiseled blocked in one sctructure, with limits, like 2x2x2, not more

3. Looking at multiplayer and previous 2 points, add functionality to disable changing the microblocked things for anybody, but owner. That's must be extremely cool for private servers in the future.

Not themed suggestion. There's three types of plate placing: auto, only horizontal and only vertical. Changing types is extremely inconvenient, and after breaking plates they become "auto" againg, although at the same time in the same game player can already change regimes on tools. I really don't know all the underwater stones here, but I guess, that it's way more comfortable way to solve this problem

Anego Studios, you are doing great.
Looking at the game half a year ago and looking at it now makes sense, that you are working hard to make it better, than any other sandbox game.

I hope my suggestions were useful, good luck making an indie-masterpiece

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