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Well that's not enough offtopic threads


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I don't really have a lot of crazy 'war stories', mostly it's just people being sly or stupid or lazy. Or all three. 

Although I was 8 feet away from a negligent discharge on a slaughter floor once. Guy was unloading the .22mag rifle he had just killed a cow with, and forgot to clear it. Now he has a big pock on the wall to remind him to cycle the bolt *after* removing the magazine. 

No, mostly it's tales of administrative horror and paperwork from beyoooond the graaaaaave. 

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Hi mead, nice to have you here! Tyron here, gamedev, been dreaming of that highly polished tfc-like voxel game for over 2 years, had a bunch of people tell me it looks too similar to minecraft to be any successful, kept working on it anyway ^_^

I'd be happy to hear of your first impressions of the game, once you played it! :-)

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Guest HelDM

Well Mead, I completely agree. Not enough off topic threads.

I'm the resident Joker as Tyron likes to call me.

For the rest I have a tiny YT channel, work fulltime at customer service and love playing games and D&D (and sometimes, just sometimes I paint some Warhammer miniatures)  

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