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QPTECH - making your Vintage life better through technology


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I finally pushed through the wall so to speak and got to modding :)

This will be a tech mod, inspired by, but nearly as complex as, GregTech etc in Minecraft.

So far I've managed to make an automated smelting stack, made with several blocks. 

firepit-loader     - grabs objects from the container above it and attempts to load them into the firepit below
firepit-unloader - grabs completed fire pit objects and puts them into the chest below
firepit-stoker     - will attempt to fuel firepits beside it from a chest of fuel above, will also ignite the fire pit if necessary

I haven't got as far as recipes yet.



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I'm working on it xD

@Carluminum - lol we'll see where it goes :) I like GregTech, but I like VS a lot more than MC so the obvious solution is to make this mod. 

@l33tmaan Firepit is a special block that crashes the game if i try to substitute. I may need to like copy the class and strip out parts, or I guess just figure out where it's going wrong. Hopefully later today after work!



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Slowly making progress

- have a custom firepit model, which is functionally exactly like a firepit just has its own model

- I've made a model for an item hatch (custom container) but haven't got it as a functional container yet.

- Made a model & animation for a clayformer press - rought in the mold for a bowl - not functional yet

The clayformer will work by building the block,  and crafting it with the product you want it to make - bowls first. Then it'll take clay from the container above (probably higher cost than then making it yourself) - process it with a little animation, and then put it into the container below. 

My auto smelting stack is functional already, so it could fire the raw bowls and voila you have automated bowl making for all your decorative lamp needs. 

Hopefully i'll have some sort of basic release by the weekend - but of course no guarantees xD




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